What a Good Bowl of Soup

I left you yesterday at the end of our wonderful little Door County mini-getaway. Continuing on the little journey that was our hodge-podge of a vacation week last week, Wednesday brought my day working at the local County Fair. As I mentioned, I am so very honored to be asked to judge the 4H kids’ knitting & crocheting projects. I say ‘honored’ because it’s such an exceptional group of young people. I’m always impressed with the raw talent of this new generation of fiber artists as well as their skills not only for following patterns, but solving problems. The work created by these kids is top-knotch so much so that occasionally my main comments are comprised of refining finishing techniques. Many of these kids add their own design elements, modify patterns to their own specifications, and add their own signature to their work. If I judged their work in previous years, they almost always mention the improvements they’ve made based on my advice. And really, that is so rewarding in a way that only teaching can be. To see your guidance come to fruition in an individual’s motivation to better themselves in their craft. This day is always just such a wow for me in that regard — to see that I can add to this group of talented kids is just 100% awesome.

With the judging complete, I awoke on Thursday morning ready for an adventure to a spot we’ve never visited, Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area. I also woke up sick as a dog. My sore throat of the night before had manifested into a full-blown sinus explosion. Remembering the lessons of the Door County adventure and making the best of a situation, I downed some ‘severe cold & flu meds’ — something I almost never do — and carried on.

IMG_6077Pewit’s Nest was amazing. This gorge, or slot canyon, as formed as the last glaciers retreated. The water was rather chilly and with my head really not feeling well, I left hiking in the cold water and shade of the gorge to my husband and the kids while I hiked upstream on land to the other end of the gorge. I watched minnows in the little brook and watched this spot for my family to emerge…

IMG_6085The other end of the gorge. Unfortunately, they never came. They made it all the way to the last little waterfall, but there was no way around the last deep pool other than to swim through it and it was a little too cool of a day for my husband to attempt that on his own with two kids. They hiked back up and around to find me. From there I was spoiled with a picnic in the park (I love picnics to a ridiculous degree) and a quick last minute trip to the International Crane Foundation.

All the cranes were very active — we were told that due to the cool summer thus far, they were still courting their mates. We got to meet this character…

He was very curious about who those quiet people peeking through the fence were. I was moved by how graceful and charismatic he was (and when I say, ‘he’ I have no idea if this was a male or female, but I just can’t call this creature an ‘it’).

Then these guys got all riled up for some unknown reason…

It was pretty incredible to hear though.

IMG_6101And, of course we got to view the captive Whoopers. They are so elegant.

We ended the day with soup.

IMG_6110-0Home-made chicken noodle soup made by my husband just to help me feel a little better. I had had a great day, but boy I felt crummy. We stopped for all the ingredients and he even bought me the rainbow sherbet dessert I was craving.

What a day. What a testament to making the best of a vacation day spent under the weather. What a good bowl of soup. I went to sleep early knowing we had 3 days left of vacation and cold or no cold, they were going to be grand. Of that, I had no doubt!

6 thoughts on “What a Good Bowl of Soup

    1. I think I’m mostly all better. Unfortunately both my kids are now fighting the same cold. My husband seems to be coming down with it, too, but he’s in denial about that, I think. 😉

  1. I was just looking ahead in my ‘Friends of Wisconsin State Parks’ calendar to schedule something in October and paused to admire the gorgeous photo of Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area & to wonder where it was & if I should look into going…small world! It looks wonderful–thanks for the divine intervention blog post! 😉

    1. It might be a little cold in October for Pewit’s Nest. The water is pretty chilly and to hike down the gorge you have to get wet. I would save that for a hot day! Parfrey’s Glen would be a really great October hike. Feet might get a little wet, but that’s it and it’s similar geology to Pewit’s Nest & in the same area.

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