Where Do I Even Begin?

Last week was our last scheduled week of vacation for the summer. We had originally planned a backcountry camping trip to Newport State Park in Door County, but my husband and I managed to bungle the dates so that our vacation and reservations were scheduled the same week I’d promised to judge the 4-H knitting & crocheting at our local county fair. Since judging for these kids takes place on Wednesday and I’m too honored and enjoy the work too much to back out, there was really no way to make that week in the backcountry happen.

That being said, my husband is not someone to be able to handle a staycation very well. When he has time away from work you’d better believe it will involve travel and adventure. The original plan to stay home and clean out our basement quickly disintegrated and became a 3day & 2night getaway to Potawatomi State Park in Door County followed by my day at the fair and then 3 days packed with day trip adventuring. Where do I even begin to share these stories? I suppose at the beginning, right?

We picked Potawatomi SP mainly because it is quite a bit closer than Newport SP, but also because it’s very close to our family’s favorite spot in Door County, Cave Point County Park.  Consisting of limestone cliffs being undercut by the waves of Lake Michigan & rocky beaches, some comprised largely of broken shells, Cave Point County Park is a true gem.  It’s a busy park, so we always plan to arrive early and hike down along the shore to avoid the crowds and noise.

IMG_6041This time we were able to enjoy this beach full of cairns.

IMG_6019Naturally, I added a few of my own. My son also tried his hand at building cairns for the first time…

IMG_6018This is his very first ever. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time building together while my girl played in the sand and my husband played fetch with the dog. The dog LOVED swimming and fetching….

IMG_6060He is a Labrador Retriever, after all. He did NOT, however, love camping. It’s chilly and there’s no big cushy bed. He mostly looked like this when not swimming…

IMG_6050Tired, a little grumpy, and incapable of finding a comfortable spot that met his standards. And then we had some rain and he looked like this…

IMG_6068Totally unable to settle with everything wet, looking super small and helpless.  What can I say? He’s indoorsy.

The rest of us enjoyed our time immensely.

IMG_6040Exploring nature…

IMG_6042-0Hiking a bit…

IMG_6066and itting around the campfire reading and knitting as the light faded, listening to a Barred Owl calling. We even made time to stop at Spin, the local yarn shop in Sturgeon Bay that is always worth browsing. The last night camping we had heavy rain and thunderstorms all night long. We awoke wet & chilly and I’ll admit I was a bit cranky because I hadn’t slept well. My husband was chipper — as always — and I thought it was because he was nice and dry unlike me. When I realized his bedding was wetter than mine, I asked how he could possibly be in a good mood and we had a long talk while breaking camp in the rain about how it wasn’t really worth not looking at the silver lining because it could always be worse. After packing up, we drove out of the campground and saw a few campsites with a couple inches of standing water. It can always be worse indeed.  I realized we were pretty lucky that we were just wet and not soaked and I was hopeful that those sites were empty when the night began.

All in all, the trip was a huge success. We made memories, we had fun together, and we made the most of our abbreviated trip north. As always, I left a little bit of my heart at our favorite spot…

IMG_6024It seemed only right to leave a heart in a place where I feel so at home and have so many wonderful family memories.

6 thoughts on “Where Do I Even Begin?

  1. I didn’t know about the county park and look forward to exploring it! I sympathize with the wet camping; I love camping, as long as the weather is perfect! We also love Door County and try to get up there every year.

    1. I’ve camped in almost all kinds of weather all times of year, but I’ve strayed away from the cold weather camping since the kids came. I think I might be getting old, lol!

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