Today on my needles…

We were off adventuring today (more on that later) – which was super fun except for the major head cold that has taken over my body from the neck up. When we got home, my wonderful Mister made me homemade chicken soup…
And bought me rainbow sherbet for dessert and

gave me some quiet knitting time after dinner. I’ve almost recovered the 12row repeat I had to rip out last night when I realized I managed to miss a couple rows. I’ve totally hit a rhythm with my Little Wave and despite the minor setback I’m really enjoying this knit. Between the good care from my sweet hubby & the knitting, I feel pretty good considering how bad I feel – lol!

16 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

  1. Colds in the summer are the pits! I just read where if you put a capful of hydrogen peroxide, the kind for cuts, not hair bleach! in your ear at the first sign of a cold, it goes away. I plan on trying this whenever I get one, if I can do it without cringing all over. I thought I had one coming on last night and took the Cold Eeze – so far so good. Sounds like you have a man among men! Feel better!

    1. I haven’t heard that remedy before – interesting! Honestly, I usually don’t get sick very often, so I just try to take in stride with as good of an attitude as I can. I figure a good cold now and then isn’t bad for my immune system. 🙂

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