A Fiber Artist’s Perfect Companion

I suffer from perpetually dry skin. I’m not sure if it’s genetic or just a result of my activities — knitting, spinning, washing hands, washing dishes, laundry, gardening, etc. Perhaps the real tragedy is that I’m notorious for neglecting my hands. As you can imagine, with as busy as my hands are I simply don’t take the time for moisturizer that takes time to absorb, I can’t wait around while a greasy lotion ceases being greasy and makes it possible to grab my knitting needles. Sure, I’ve found a couple that work over the years, but often times if I find a lotion that works it often doesn’t smell quite as nice as I’d like or — and this is the worst — the scent is like a smack in the face it’s so strong. I grew pretty skeptical that the right balance between non-greasy moisturizer and scent existed. That’s probably why I’ve been terrible at keeping up with a routine to the point that it could actually make a difference to my poor hands.

Then about a month ago I got to try out a couple different scents of LaviShea Lotion Bars. Made from all natural, gluten-free ingredients including Unrefined Shea Butter that meets organic standards and is handcrafted in Togo West Africa, these bars are produced with your health and the health of the planet in mind. On their website they put it like this:

In producing our bars, we avoid harmful chemicals, overly processed ingredients, and environmentally damaging components. Because lotion is absorbed into the skin, it has a real impact on your body. We believe it is important to make the right choices in every step of our manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the bars and the health of our customers. Lavishea lotion bars are better for the environment, and full of vital nutrients for your skin.

You know, I can’t argue with that kind of reasoning! The cherry on the sundae? They’ve recently debuted new packaging that is manufactured entirely in their home state of Colorado How awesome is that?!

What I can tell you from my own experience over the last month or so is that I’ve really come to love these lotion bars. In fact, I have a little system for my LaviShea Lotion Bars.

coconut limeMy Coconut Lime Verbnena bar stays with my spinning. Before I get my wheel spinning, I do a quick once over on my hands. I adore this scent — it is so fresh and rich without being over-powering. True to their word, this moisturizer isn’t greasy. Within just a few moments of rubbing it into my hands, it’s completely absorbed and I can get to work. The scent is still present, but just a hint of it. Not too much, not too little. It’s just right.

lavenderMy Lavender Lotion Bar stays with my knitting. I was pleasantly surprised that I could apply this lotion bar to my hands and pick my knitting needles right up without inadvertantly coating my needles. I also adore that I can use it in the car without having to crack the windows. In fact, I thought the scent was just enough to freshen up the car a bit.

Physically speaking, the impact of these lotion bars on my skin is nearly instantaneous. Why it takes some days to heal up all the cracks and tears in my skin, I found my skin was immediately softer and feels so much better for the added pampering. Keeping these bars with my knitting & spinning projects has become an absolute must.  Spoken as a true skeptic, I must say, these LaviShea Lotion Bars are just the right amount of moisture & scent — the perfect companion for fiber artists everywhere!

14 thoughts on “A Fiber Artist’s Perfect Companion

    1. Yes, I’ve seen two or three different brands recently. This is my fave — it really absorbs within a minute or so and the scent is really nice without being overpowering. I love how they’ve changed my hands!

  1. I absolutely love LaviShea! I usually put a non greasy sensitive skin lotion on, wait a few minutes and use the lotion bars. Super wonderful for a spin/knit marathon.

  2. Thanks for the recomendation. I’ve not heard of lotion bars before. I usually wear gloves for dish-washing and cleaning because my hands get too dry otherwise. I used to teach in a school where we had to write with chalk on the boards. That is especially drying to hands. Now I get to use whiteboards and markers which is much more hand-friendly!

    1. White-boards are revolutionary in that regard! I’m so not on top of my skin care enough to do the gloves, but I should be! Glad I have a little short-cut to softer hands now!

    1. Mine get most dry in winter, too, but since having my kids they seem to just be dry all the time and worse in winter. Ugh! Glad to finally be doing something about that!

  3. I have one of those lotion bars! Mine is mango, I think? I just adore it. It works so well and absorbs quickly!

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