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Last week fellow blogger, Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter from Handmade by Stefanie, introduced her new eBook, Conversation Socks. Being the sock pattern aficionado that I am thanks to the Socks with Sarah KAL, I had to check it out. I found out a couple really exciting things about this book:  all five patterns in this book are unisex, come in 3 sizes, and call for sport weight yarn, so they are great ‘quick knit’ socks. If you were looking for some awesome sock patterns to knit for holiday gifts, look no further! These will be perfect!

As for what types of designs are in the collection, here’s what the designer had to say about them:

Each pattern was created with the express purpose of being simple enough for knitting on-the-go, but interesting enough to keep you engaged. These patterns are perfect for your morning commute, knit night, or a trip out of town! They don’t require huge, hard-to-follow charts or incredibly complicated techniques. Instead, they take the basic building blocks that the average knitter has at their disposal to create five designs the whole family will love.

These caught my eye first…

The Retort Socks are knit with the always gorgeous Malabrigo Arroyo and would be perfect for any of the handpainted sport weight yarn. I have definitely ear-marked these for some socks for my husband.

Next, the Persuasive Socks

I just love the twist on the tradition cable with stockinette & garter stitches intertwined. They look so cozy that it seems a crime to not have pair ready for each member of my family for winter evenings around the house.

The Conversation Socks eBook is currently available for pre-order for the bargain price of $10 — this includes these two patterns available for immediate download as well as the three yet-to-be-released patterns (you will receive those as updates as they become available). As the final 3 patterns become available, the pre-order price will increase until the final pattern is released. The full price for the eBook will then be $18 — so it pays (literally) to pick up this collection early!  Pop it in your cart today and let’s get started on some fun & quick socks for the whole family!

There are lots of ways to follow this fab blogger & designer, Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter.

Feel free to check out her other designs in her Ravelry Pattern Shop.

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Have fun exploring her vast body of work, but be warned that you’ll definitely be inspired!

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  1. Can’t say I would be capable of knitting a sock – but these are so tempting. It was the picture of the first sock that enticed me into the post!

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