Lida + Sparrow

According to my Ravelry project page, I finished my Lida Shawl by Bristol Ivy on June 21st. I am a little behind on posting about it. And yes, you can call me Captain Obvious for that observation.

I will say it is not for lack of enthusiasm for this project. I bought the yarn — 3 skeins of Quince & Co Sparrow in the Juniper colorway — from Cream City Yarn back in March during our staycation with the idea that I would make the newly released Sans Kerchief. When time came to cast-on, however, as often is the case I changed my mind. While I love the simplicity of the Sans Kerchief, I was mildly concerned that since I’d be working on socks that are quite often cruise-control knitting that I would stall out on the stockinette of this pattern. The Lida Shawl promised a repetitive lace pattern, simple enough to not be all-consuming, but involved enough to stay interesting. I went for it and cast-on for the Lida Shawl.

lida1And it was simply a joy to knit. For lace, it is a very accessible, easy to follow, and fun pattern to knit with an excellent rhythm — I highly recommend it!

lida2A gorgeous slate-y green, this shawl is a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. The yarn is soft and its drape is the perfect compliment to the lace.

lida Quince & Co’s Sparrow is my all-time favorite linen to knit with — not at all splitty and very, very soft even before the first washing. I don’t know what they do differently with their linen yarn, but they need to keep doing it!

Why did it take me so long to show you my beautiful Lida Shawl? I don’t know. But I do know that this shawl is just perfect for late summer. Just warm enough to chase the chill of the a/c, but cool enough to be worn in the heat of summer. The best combination of pretty lace & summer yarn, this project is a more than welcome addition to my summer wardrobe. If you’re looking for a little special late summer treat, look no further. Lida + Sparrow are it!

12 thoughts on “Lida + Sparrow

  1. How lovely and I’m so happy you posted this! I just purchased three skeins of Sparrow for a scarf and was not sure it was a good thought but after seeing your lovely shawl, I’m so happy I did!

    1. Oh, I think you’ll love it. I also knit a the Kit Camisole out of Sparrow last year and I absolutely love it. I have a t-shirt’s worth sitting here, too, and I can’t wait to dig in to. Linen can be tough on the hands, it can be splitty, etc, but I really just love this one. It’s a treat to work with!

  2. Yes, I agree. Sparrow is the BEST linen ever! I am in love with that Juniper color, too! (I’m also really really really partial to their Kestrel linen line–also amazing!).

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