Home (Bitter)Sweet Home

After being away from home for the better part of the last two weeks, this morning I think we all awoke feeling a little like this…

20140726-075606-28566638.jpgSo happy to be in our own beds.

Our family loves to travel and we’ve had wonderful trips, adventures, and visits over the last couple of weeks (of which I will share more of those over the coming weeks).  I think there is a part of both my husband and I that would have liked to stay in western South Dakota. Wanderlust runs strong in both of us and we’ve been in this spot for over a decade now. But it is nice to be home. Even if I had to pull the dryer apart to repair it only to discover something leaking on the washer. Even if my husband had to go back to work right away. Even if there’s barely any food in the house. Even if we miss the miles of open plains full of possibilities. Even if it would’ve been nice to have a couple extra days to squeeze in some fishing with my dad. We are at that point in getting back to the routine of life where it feels like a lot of work, but the feel of your own house, the smell of your own things, the softness of your own bed is a comfort & a luxury.

While there are a lot of chores to do, a promised trip to the library required, and a necessary foray to the craft store for some stuffing, I hope to have a little time over the weekend here to just settle back in — to make fresh batches of iced tea & cold brew coffee, to work on my latest socks…

20140726-084727-31647067.jpgto start plying these…20140726-075614-28574766.jpgand these…20140726-082211-30131855.jpgand to start sorting through some of the virtual mounds of vacation pictures. That’ll all happen — if I’m lucky — in between the chores and repairs and the just getting back in the groove of being a family at home.  The return home, it is always a little bittersweet — leaving the freedom of being away and on vacation and returning to the everyday routine. But it is undoubtedly good to be here.

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  1. I love going on vacation, and I love coming home, there is nothing like it, right? Even if I do immediately start planning my next trip away. 😉

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