An Outlandish Blue

A couple weeks ago I shared the first of two Bijou Basin Ranch projects in their new Outlandish color series. Remember these?

20140704-082525-30325483.jpgBoth in the 75% pure yak/25% super fine merino blend named Himalayan Trail, this is Dinna Fash on the left and Fergus on the right. Today I want to show you what I did with the lovely Dinna Fash as the wonderful folks at Bijou Basin Ranch are celebrating their Outlandish series’ blues this week — they are all marked down 15%!

It’s not a secret to anyone who knows me or reads my blog or sees what I knit & spin that I have a special addiction to blues.dinna fishAnd really, Dinna Fash is an amazing example of the color. It is a blue that teeters on the edge. In some light it is a true deep blue, at other times it leans more toward teal. In all light, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Again, I was tasked with finding a truly great pattern to use up the generous 200yard skein — you know I like to get the most out of these special skeins. I selected Alternato by Woolly Wormhead — simple and yet unique.

20140704-082529-30329257.jpgMuch like Fergus, this skein evaporated. It was just so soft & airy & such a treat for the hands. I couldn’t put it down!

The result?

on meI love it!  So. Much.  The overall fit is just wonderful — much like the hat I made with my skein of Fergus, Alternato is just so cozy.  In fact, I wore it all last week to keep warm while camping. It was just perfect!

close upAnd I just love the twisted rib details. Not only does it look ever-so-tidy, it keeps that ribbing nice & taut.

How did I do in using the entire skein?

20140704-082530-30330819.jpgNot bad. Just 7grams or about 24yards remaining.

As I mentioned the Outlandish blues are being celebrated this week at Bijou Basin Ranch. In either the yak/merino Himalayan Trail I’ve used here or Lhasa Wilderness, a yak/bamboo blend, they are offering 15% off Outlandish blue group yarns. No discount code is necessary as prices included in the sale are already reduced in the online shop. There are lots of beautiful hues to test out — hop over & take advantage of the sale — you probably deserve a luxury hat or two, right?

For more info on this project, please see my Ravelry project page here.

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15 thoughts on “An Outlandish Blue

  1. A beautiful blue. I need to knit this pattern before snow flies again. Camping & a handknit cap go together like marshmallows & striped fudge cookies. 🙂

    1. It is gorgeous & the yarn is super warm. The first night in the tent got below 50F, so it was chilly — this hat was perfect! Oh, and stay-tuned — I’m hoping to have some blog posts up next week about vacation which should include a bird list or two. 😉

      Marshmallows & striped fudge cookies? I’ve never tried this, but clearly I’ve been doing it wrong!

      1. Looking forward to your list!

        We were clued into this ‘new’ way to make s’mores a couple years ago–marshmallow between to striped fudge cookies. Delicious! And way less futzy/fussy, especially good for camping.

      2. We never expect to be able to do campfires in South Dakota — usually when we are there there are fire bans, but this year was crazy wet and cool, so we were able to. Unfortunately this meant we hadn’t packed any s’more making goodies. Will have to try it locally or in the backyard!

  2. I gravitate towards blue, too. I think its because I have blue eyes, easy matching haha!!
    The hat looks so nice. I love those hats that just fit perfectly on your forehead without having to adjust it. Trying to work outdoors in winter flipping up a too long hat all the time, grrr!!

  3. That yarn looks incredibly soft and the colors are beautiful. But since I already broke my yarn diet once this week, I’m going to resist … at least for now!

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