Cloudlover FOs & the Giveaway *WINNER*

As those who follow me on Instagram may have noticed, I was away last week on a family vacation. While I’m still digging out from the mighty triumvirate known as Mount Laundry, Mount Camp Dishes & Gear, and Mount Random Stuff That Ended Up In The Car, I thought I’d take a minute to share a couple FOs. Oh, and to announce the winner of the 3-month subscription to the Cloudlover Sock Yarn Club. I’ll save that exciting news for the end though, of course.

First, before I left on vacation I finished up my Cloudlover 75/25 BFL/Silk in the Blue Hawaii colorway. I wrapped up this skein just before bed the night before we left so it wasn’t until our return home that I was able to wash it & photograph it in natural light.

fulledI’m extremely pleased with this skein.

close up 1I especially love that while it’s mostly blue, there are these dashes of bright contrast.skeinedThese 4ounces of fiber came out at just shy of 550yards of simply gorgeous & wonderfully drapey fingering weight 2ply.

On day one of vacation — spent mostly in the car — I finished up my 15th pair of socks for the Socks with Sarah KAL, a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks in Cloudlover 75/25 SW Merion/Nylon in the Winter Rose colorway.

toes While I also really like that Cloudlover handpainted yarn with the classic Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock pattern, if you are looking for something a little more adventurous I have to say that these yarns are a fantastic match for the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern. I also have plans to try out Clare Devine’s brand new Tarsi-Grandean update to her wonderful eBook, Sock Anatomy. I am always on the lookout for new patterns to suit my favorite yarns & I have the feeling that it will be a great fit for my beloved Cloudlover yarns.

heelI ogled the Winter Rose colorway for far too long before finally ordering it. At first I really thought it reminded me more of spring, but now that I’ve whipped up these socks all I see is winter.

whole sockAfter a couple days in the Badlands National Park‘s 100F heat, winter couldn’t seem farther away, but I’m content to know that when it does arrive my socks will be ready.

Now, the news you’re here to see — who won that fabulous 3-month subscription to the Cloudlover Sock Yarn Club?!

It is…. [drum roll]


If I was more tech-savvy I’m put little fireworks around the name as I could not be more excited to share the news, but you’ll just have to rest assured that I’m doing some kicks here while setting off firecrackers and howling on noisemakers in celebration.

Dear lollyknits, please email me at   knittingsarah [at] gmail [dot] com  with your mailing & email addresses and I will pass your info along to Natalie at Cloudlover who will set you right up.

Now, for those who didn’t win this time around, rest assured that there are still plenty of high kicks and firecrackers for you. If you’re interested in one of the Cloudlover clubs, you still have time to sign-up! I’ve dabbled in almost all of them (I say ‘almost’ only because I always subscribe to a club that includes fiber — I am a Cloudlover fiber addict) and I can say with certainty that they are awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

You can also still take advantage of the special Knitting Sarah friends discount at Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber until the end of 2014 — that’s 15% off all yarn and fiber in the Cloudlover shop! Just in case you missed the first posting, here are the fabulous details:

What items can be discounted?

All yarn and fiber, including sale yarn and fiber.

How do I claim my discount?

In your cart where it says, ‘Discount code (optional)’ type SOCKSWITHSARAH in the box and click ‘Update Total’.

What items cannot be discounted?

Clubs — both single and double dose fiber and sock clubs as well as the half & half club.

Can I use the SOCKSWITHSARAH code more than once?

YES! You are welcome (and encouraged) to use this coupon code as many times as you like through the end of 2014 — treat yourself, do your Christmas shopping, stock up!

See?!  Still goodies for everyone!

Oh, and locals, mark your calendars!  Natalie will be a vendor at this year’s Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival September 5-7, 2014!  Meet the lady behind the beautiful Cloudlover yarn & fiber and who knows — maybe we’ll run into each other there!

For those interested in staying up-to-date on the latest from Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber, you can follow the shop on Facebook, Instagram, and you can sign-up to receive the Cloudlover Newsletter here.  Don’t forget to join the Cloudlover Ravelry Group, too! 

19 thoughts on “Cloudlover FOs & the Giveaway *WINNER*”

  1. I’m happy for Lollyknits, but sad for me. 🙂 HOWEVER! The 4 skeins I ordered right away when you announced the discount have arrived, and oh, my heavens, they are yummy. Makes me want to relax my rule about first in-first out stash inventory management – I have three and a half more pairs of sock to knit before I get tot them! Thanks so much to you and Natalie for making this discount so nice, deep, and repeatable. 🙂

    And I have to say, I love that yarn. You are mighty talented!

    1. My lesson from the Tour de Fleece — ‘Don’t ration your joy’. Knit & spin what you are excited about in the moment. It’s a key to how I get so much done!

      1. Miss Knitting Sarah, you are a bad influence on me, for sure! I try to keep the stash and the start-itis under control. 🙂 And I do love the three skeins ahead of the new ones – they are luscious Tosh Sock yarns, and so I will stick to my plan – it makes me knit faster with such luscious prizes at the end.

      2. LOL! I think I knit faster when I knit what I’m most excited about. As long as your system works & you’re happy with with it, to each her own, right?

      3. true, true. Often I finish something that I have grown bored with because I know as soon as I do, I can start on the next exciting project. It keeps me in line, and keeps the FO stats in good shape. 🙂 Which is why I currently only have three projects going, lol.

      4. And for me, knitting & spinning what where passion takes me insures I finish every time. 🙂 I have 2 FOs right now (I think) — one leftover from winter & my current socks. I’m not much of a multi-project knitter these days.

  2. Your gorgeous socks are making me want/need to use that discount & try try try to finish a second sock for once! How awesome that the code works through the end of the year. Will you be at the WSWF this year? I may have to sneak up north to attend. 🙂

    1. Well, I will say this. Having yarn I really love helps me a lot when it comes to dealing with second sock syndrome. I actually have plans to turn a skein of merino/silk from Cloudlover into a shawl — Zilver by Lisa Mutch (it’s a free pattern). 😀

      YES! I will be at WSWF. I go pretty much every year with my mom actually, but this year my husband and I are trying to arrange for me to attend two days — one with my mom & one for ‘work’. The latter I am hoping to plan a meet-up for SWS knitters & Knitting Sarah readers. Keep your eyes peeled as we get closer — it would be wonderful to meet IRL!

      1. I usually go with my mom on Friday and it’ll just depend on when I can get the extra day on the weekend off — I will post up as soon as I know. 🙂

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