One Outlandish Red

I’ve long admired the beautiful yarns of Bijou Basin Ranch. In fact, a while back while on vacation I picked up these lovely skeins of Bijou Bliss as a special treat.

So pretty in the natural brown yak/cormo blend, isn’t it?!

As you can imagine, when I heard that they were coming out with 22 brand new colors inspired by the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, I couldn’t wait to see them and pick out a couple to knit up. My selections from the Outlandish series…

20140704-113032-41432571.jpgThe amazing blue of Dinna Fash and the rich red of Fergus, both in the Himalayan Trail base which is 75% pure yak & 25% merino.

This month the wonderful folks at Bijou Basin Ranch are celebrating the launch of this awesome line with specials each week — hooray! This week the reds are highlighted and thus let me tell you a bit about my adventures with Fergus.

20140704-112803-41283499.jpgPerhaps one of the most notable aspects of this yarn is that it is incredibly soft & light. And it is darn warm, too! Billed as ‘warmer than wool & as soft as cashmere’, the yak/merino blend of Himalayan Trail is clearly a very special yarn and thus my 200yds of Fergus required a very special pattern. After a bit of deliberation and some consultation with a fellow knitter, I went with Alicia Plummer’s frais.

20140704-112802-41282508.jpgBoy am I happy with this choice! The stitch pattern is very subtle, especially in the fluffy Himayalan Trail, but it is just stunning.

20140704-112804-41284716.jpgI had the absolute best time knitting this. Most of it was spent outside with my feet up, watching my kiddos play. Life doesn’t get a whole lot sweeter than watching kids play (let’s selectively neglect to remember the refereeing that goes into this) & knitting a yarn as lovely as this.

20140704-112805-41285827.jpgIn the end, I had a scant 4grams left — that’s about 14yards. My goal was to use up as much of this special skein as possible. I would say this is a mission accomplished!

The result?

simpleA beautiful little cloche, dubbed by Mr Knitting Sarah as “one of the cutest hats” I’ve made.

me in fraiseHe said I couldn’t share that comment, but I am anyway. I think it’s pretty accurate. I just love it!

Soft and cozy and just as cute as can be and did you see that absolutely lovely color? And as I mentioned there are some sales going on this month — again hooray! — and this week Bijou Basin Ranch is offering 15% off Outlandish red group yarns – no coupon code is necessary as the prices are already adjusted in the online shop. Yes, it’s true! Two different bases are available, either the Himalayan Trail I’ve used here or Lhasa Wilderness, a yak/bamboo blend. What a great chance to try these beauties out!

Wondering about that what that blue skein became? Stay tuned!

For more info on this project, please see my Ravelry project page here.

6 thoughts on “One Outlandish Red

  1. Beautiful hat! I have wanted this yarn FOREVER and thanks for letting me know about the sale – off to shop!

  2. Adorbs!! I love that red, and I am currently in pursuit of the perfect red hat.. I might need to get myself a skein of this loveliness!

    1. I like to always have at least one red hat. The last couple years I’ve been using a Hannah Fettig’s Simple Beret in a Rowan Felted Tweed. Pretty sure this new one will be replacing it!

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