Little Luxuries

Yesterday I began the first day of the Tour de Fleece here.

photo by Mr Knitting Sarah

No wheel. No spindle. No spinning whatsoever. I told you it was going to be a different kind of TdF this year!

Instead I spent the morning knitting on my current Socks with Sarah socks.

20140706-090743-32863993.jpgThis is number 15.2 for the year — Hermione’s Everyday Socks in Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber 75/25 merino/nylon blend in the Winter Rose colorway. They are moving slowly as I have — as I’ve mentioned — a number of irons in the fire lately, but I really am enjoying them and the color is, as always, gorgeous.

On the way home from the beach, I started to make the plan of what I would start spinning.  It was then that I checked the tracking info on my Cloudlover club shipment which I knew was en route. Since winning a subscription to the Cloudlover fiber club at last year’s TdF I have been addicted to it. At each sign up I’ve tried a different club. You purchase the clubs in 3month installments and there are a few options based on your fiber or yarn preferences. I’ve tried the regular fiber club — one 4oz braid each month, the double dose — two 4oz braids each month, and most recently the half & half club — 4oz of fiber and one skein of sock yarn. There is also a club that is just sock yarn, but as a spinner I always go for one with fiber. Since the first club, the day I receive my shipment has always been an exciting one because the colors and fiber content is always, always, always a treat. I’ve had grandiose dreams of just tearing into my package and spinning up whatever has just arrived, but as life goes it has simply never worked out quite so smoothly. I’ve always had to wait.

When I found that my latest installment of the half and half club was ‘out for delivery’ I realized today could be my day. My husband laughed and I pressed my head against the window looking for the mailman. Having gotten home just after 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I only needed to delay my TdF start by an hour or so to get to spin my brand new braid immediately.

And then it arrived.

20140706-092124-33684153.jpgA little birdie had said I would love it. That little birdie was so right! Minutes after this photo it was divided up and being spun.

20140706-085651-32211252.jpgAnd this morning I wrapped up the first 2oz. 2oz to go!  I plan to spin a very basic 2ply yarn — it’s been a while since I’ve done a simple fractal 2ply and it’s proving to be… just fun.

20140706-085650-32210377.jpgThe other half of my half & half club is equally gorgeous. I’ll be winding it up shortly and I might just knit up some simple vanilla socks with this. This shipment must be meant for simple luxuries for me, I think. I simply could not be any happier about that.

Speaking of little luxuries, I had the honor of an audio book while I spun last night.

20140706-092828-34108196.jpgThat’s my girl reading The Trumpet of the Swan to me. It’s one of her favourite books. I think she’s read it at least 2 or 3 times already.

And now, someone else seems to think I should get back to my wheel…

20140706-092829-34109789.jpgHow can I argue with that?

12 thoughts on “Little Luxuries

    1. Oh no! The photographed skein is commercially spun. The club I am in sends me a skein of yarn & a braid of fiber. The handspun is only what’s on the bobbin thus far – I am so not as even as that skein of yarn!

  1. I don’t spin and find all this Tour de Fleece very interesting. Unfortunately your lovely 15.2 sock is making me feel guilty about having neglected my own right now…I’m taking part in your KAL but knitting time is scarce and I keep prioritising gifts over socks!

    1. I will admit that the Tour de Fleece holds a special place in my heart. This is only my second year, but is such a refreshing thing for me to commit to make spinning a priority for a few weeks. And I love the teams I spin with — I learn so much from them!

      Make time for those socks as you can.I’ve certainly slowed from the beginning which I fully expected. It’s all good!

    1. I will admit — I am finding it a little hard to have a relaxing time here. As silly as it sounds, my kids are a year older, but somehow more demanding this time around. It’s all good and fine, I’m a mom first, of course, but oh golly there are moments of frustration — LOL!

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