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A month or so ago fellow blogger and participant in the Socks with Sarah KAL, Pia from Stitches & Scraps, contacted me to tell me about a project she was co-organizing with Claire from Mollie & Claire. Both ladies bonded a while back over projects that had overstayed their welcome in their WIP piles and came up with the idea to support each other while working toward finishing up those pesky WIPs. Pia & Claire knew they weren’t the first nor last knitters to have languishing WIPs and decided to hold a more formal event to support and encourage others to wrap up those dormant projects. And thus, the 2014 Finish It Challenge was born.

This event is open to anyone looking for motivation to slide some of those WIPs into the FO column. The challenge runs from July 1 (today!) through July 31 and the basics couldn’t be more simple: all WIPs dormant 6-months or more qualify and all fiber arts are welcome.  You can read the full set of parameters here  as well as pick up a fun little button for your blog or Ravatar. Oh, and don’t forget to sign-up in their handy-dandy Ravelry group.

As for me, I have a lot of irons in the fire so I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get done here, but I’m hopeful that I might make some progress on my Wayfarer scarf which I started in the beginning of last November.

scarfIt’s gorgeous and I adore it, but if I had an Achilles’ heel in knitting it would be scarves. It is actually quite rare for me to have more than two or three projects going at any one time and it’s more rare for me to have a project sit dormant. I’m a finisher — if I started a project, I plan it out and see it through to the end. If it isn’t finished in a certain amount of time, it is frogged and awaits a new assignment. Scarves though, oh scarves. Boy, do I stall out on them easily! And this one, I set down when Socks with Sarah started up and just never picked it back up. Alas, it won’t be frogged, so it needs to be finished. I hope I am up to the challenge — the Finish It challenge that is! If you have long dormant project, I encourage you to check out this fun project, too!

10 thoughts on “Finish It!

  1. Fun! I just wrapped up my longest-running UFO (7 years–gasp!), otherwise I would be joining in. The last scarf I attempted got frogged–but the yarn was nowhere near as beautiful as in your Wayfarer.

    1. 7years is impressive! Things don’t generally sit for longer than a year. If they do, they are frogged. This scarf just got behind & then it was time for me to knit for spring and summer. I figure if I get the scarf done now, it’ll be ready for fall. Perfect. Now hopefully I can figure out where I left off….

  2. Sounds like a great July challenge. But I think the longest hibernating WIP (Couch Potato Blanket) in my knitting closet is only 3 months old! Guess I must be a finisher! Love your scarf!!

    1. I am, too! I very rarely start something and then don’t finish. The scarf just fell victim to poor timing and — being a scarf — I lost motivation. Fingers crossed the challenge gives me the motivation to finish up!

    1. Not at all! Thank *you* for sharing! Now task #1 of my Finish It Challenge: Find the pattern (and hopefully it is marked with where I left off!)!

    1. It is a worsted merino-silk single hand dyed by Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber ( I LOVE her yarn & fiber!! She is one of my absolute favorite dyers!

  3. I’m tempted to joint this, but the project in mind does get worked on every 3 or 4 weeks. It’s an Elizabeth Zimmerman Pie Are Square shawl, which in a moment of madness I started with 20 stitches, 3 mm needles, and fine lace yarn from Natural Dye Studios. I did a swatch, but not the maths, and I think I have something approaching 600 stitches on the (several times extended) circular needle. I love knitting it, it feels amazing in my hands, but my eyes start to cross after a couple of rows. Anyway, who am I kidding, it won’t get finished by the end of July as when I get to the end of the shawl I have to knit on a lace border – and at present have no idea how to do THAT.

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