The Tour de Fleece & Sashimi

My husband and I are both very much the ‘Go big or go home’ kind of people. It is a blessing and a curse — we make exceptionally loyal friends, hardworking employees, and are passionately  involved in our interests. Of course, these attributes do have their share of challenges, including walking that fine line between passion and obsession. This was evidenced in my performance at last year’s Tour de Fleece where I spun through 64oz of fiber, adding 2400yards in 15skeins of yarn to my stash. Maybe for some this isn’t all that much, but for me… it was immense. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing and I learned a ton, but it was a lot of spinning.

I will admit it led me to pause and really consider if I wanted to enter this year’s Tour de Fleece. I knew it would take some effort on my part to temper my approach — we are taking a holiday smack dab in the middle of the event and I have more commitments this summer than last. I have a beautiful stash that I will be delighted to enjoy spinning up, but I have my socks from Socks with Sarah for which I continue to click away on daily, a project on my new Zoom Loom to get rolling on, and I’m seriously considering taking part in a Finish It Challenge being hosted by two of my fellow bloggers over at Stitches & Scraps and Mollie & Claire. Suffice to say, when Team Dyeabolical opened up & then Team Cloudlover, well, I just couldn’t resist the lure of that spinning camaraderie. I joined both teams and last night I got down to my stash and pulled some fiber to be ready for the launch on Saturday.

20140630-064031-24031000.jpgI’m committed to a less crazed approach to last year — I will be lucky if I complete 6oz — but I am excited nonetheless to spin through some of my stash and whittle it down a bit, not to mention to make some lovely yarns. I really love spinning, but in my hectic world with two active kiddos it tends to take a back burner to knitting simply because knitting is more portable and easier to just set down and pick back up at will. Because of this I rarely plan to spin, it just sort of happens when I have the right combination of time and inspiration. I think that’s what makes the Tour de Fleece so special for me — for a few weeks, it allows me to put spinning first.

A couple of weeks ago as is my MO, on a whim I grabbed the latest Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber Club braid and just started spinning.

20140620-094241-34961338.jpgIt was the most beautiful mix of pinks and salmon-y oranges. In fact, it was so lovely that I opted to not monkey with any of the colors…

20140620-094238-34958792.jpg I spun straight from the braid.  I rarely do this anymore — I usually rearrange some colors or organize the fiber a little to create my own vision of the colorway. Not this time though, I found it quite perfect just as it was. And so I just spun it.

20140620-094240-34960140.jpgI did most of the work outside on my deck watching the kids play — it’s very green and I found this spin to be just as relaxing as can be.

sashimiThe resulting singles reflecting just how calm I felt — so even and balanced.

Because I spun the entire 4oz onto one bobbin and I didn’t really have interest in making it into a center-pull ball to ply it, I chose to go with my standard 3-ply Navajo ply and in the end it yielded about 260yards of a sport weight yarn.

sashimi1I. Am. Delighted.

20140630-064028-24028092.jpgThis Organic Polwarth & Mulberry Silk blend that Cloudlover stocks is right up there with the Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend when it comes to my favourite luxury fibers. In fact, I’m not sure which I love more!

Oh, I can’t wait for the Tour to begin! I may not be spinning as much as last year, but I’m absolutely positive I will enjoy it all the same — how can I not with fibers from such talented dyers!

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    1. I am looking at a shawl/shawlette or maybe a cowl. I have the feeling my daughter is going to steal whatever I make as soon as it’s knit though. 🙂

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