Darjeeling + Dyeabolical

In March while the Dyeabolical coupon code was running for the Socks with Sarah KAL, I ran a poll here on the blog to let y’all choose a colorway for me and that I would knit it up and share with you the whole process. It was literally one of the most fun things I’ve run here and I just loved watching the votes come in. At the end of poll, you selected the Garden Of Live Flowers colorway.

Garden of Live Flowers plus
Photo courtesy of Dyeabolical.

After the long, long bitterly cold winter we had, I don’t think there’s any question why it was chosen. I selected to have it dyed on the new Sturdy base, a 75% wool 25% nylon fingering weight yarn. I have to say, I’m a big fan of this base. It is reminiscent of Regia — softer than you’d expect for a yarn that is clearly very durable. It takes the color very well, too, and comes in a nice hefty 432yard skein — all in all delivering the complete package for sock knitters. The cherry on the sundae of this yarn is that it is grown, processed, and dyed in the USA and sells for a mere $21. Add this base to my list of favorites for sock yarn!

When it came time to knit this lovely yarn up, I actually started out trying Cookie A’s Wedge from Knit. Sock. Love.

wedgeI was expecting color changes somewhat similar to my Hermione’s Everyday Socks for which I also used the lovely Flowershop Infermo from Dyeabolical. As I got to knitting though, it was pretty clear that the color changes just didn’t shift appropriately to really shine with this pattern. Great yarn, great pattern, wrong match. I ripped back and began my pattern search again.

I eventually made my way to Cat Bordhi’s Darjeeling from my trusty copy of The Knitter’s Book of Socks. I knew pretty quickly I had hit it on the nose.

darjeelingI absolutely love the rose purples and the variety of green in this yarn, but what really makes it special is the earth browns — it’s truly a garden of live flowers! I think the colorway suits the pattern very well & vice versa — the purls row give the color changes just a little bit of pop. I also found the pattern itself very addictive. It’s a Cat Bordhi pattern so of course it includes some interesting techniques — Judy’s Magic Cast-On, toe increases in the middle of the toe instead of on the side, and gusset increases on the sole. Yes, you did read that correctly. It’s one of those patterns that I actually find very addictive because the sections are rather short so you are constantly propelled forward to get to the next transition.

Colors are excellent, fit is great, yarn is wonderful, knitting is fun… my only complaint is that they are really hard to photograph. They don’t look like much on sock blockers and apparently I’m not flexible enough to take decent photos of my own feet. Of course, I gave it the ‘ol college try though, just for you.

20140617-130552-47152862.jpgThat’s not so bad, I guess….

20140617-130554-47154393.jpgOh, this one isn’t a little better!

20140617-130551-47151394.jpgAnd here’s my best look at the whole sock. I tried to get one with both feet, but I almost fell down so one foot it is.

Overall, this was a great knit with a wonderful yarn and I’m super happy with the results. My only bit of advice is this: recruit some help to take photos of your FO!  Many thanks to everyone who voted in the poll back in March — I probably wouldn’t have these beautiful socks if not for you!

For project details, please check my Ravelry project page here.

8 thoughts on “Darjeeling + Dyeabolical”

    1. I really enjoyed the pattern – it’s different enough to be interesting without being so difficult that I had to be glued to the pattern. 👍👍

  1. very nice! I am currently knitting a pair with tosh sock lichen – also greens and purples – no brown, though. Must be the season or something.

  2. Love, love, love Dyeabolical yarns!! Next socks on my needles will be their Viola Overboard in the sturdy sock. I’ll be knitting that pair for my 89 year old sister-in-law and she just wants a basic sock. But I’m adding Cat’s pattern to my “must do” list!!

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