An Adventure in Spinning, The Recap

breed specificIt was a little over a month ago that I said I have these seven breed specific fibers from Louet’s Canterbury Prize Wool Group, let me share thee adventure of spinning them with you. I can honestly say that I’ve learned a ton and I’ve had a total blast sharing each experience here. I now know the subtle differences between sliver & top, as well as the more dramatic differences between the different breeds with which I spun. Speaking of these different fibers, how about we take a tour of the yarns I made with them?

In order of how they appear in the above photo (not the order in which I spun them), they are…

Wens SliverWensleydale Sliver

Jacob SliverJacob Top

Jacob Sliver reallyJacob Sliver

Shetland Sliver FOShetland Sliver

Wens TopWensleydale Top

Finn Top FOFinn Top

Fine White Shetland FOand Fine White Shetland.

I am not only a more well-versed spinner for this little experiment, I am just overall a better spinner for it. If you have the chance, I highly recommend putting together your own similar adventure. Louet has 15 different breeds specific fibers to try out — what are you waiting for?