I’m a Mom. I’ve Got This.

The thing about being a Mom is that you learn very quickly that although you are in charge of your household, things are never ever going to turn out the way you expect ever again. This is so true to the core that the biggest surprise is when life actually goes according to the plan. And yet, because we are capable, ambitious human beings we Moms continue to set schedules and make plans and we give everything we’ve got to making things happen in this life that we make with our families. The last week, much like the week before I hand grand plans of making time to write. I thought I was being very realistic scheduling just a little time to show you the projects I’d recently finished before I had a full house. I thought I’d share what the last week of school meant in our house. I wanted to tell you about my son’s birthday and my daughter’s Kindergarten graduation. In reality, I had a knitting date, bought a new light for the snake’s tank, ironed clothes for my husband’s last minute business trip, talked a lot with the kids about our feelings about the end of school, dried some tears, and managed to get the cupcakes baked & frosted for my son’s birthday treat. And then I had a big gin and tonic.

Emotions were kind of high at my house — the last day of school was Tuesday and there was a lot loaded into finishing out this year. Not only is my 9-year-old not yet convinced that homeschooling is going to be awesome, but to pile on the stress and sadness he just always struggles with the end of the school year. He has the biggest heart on Earth and bonds deeply each year with his wonderful teachers and in addition to his not returning to public school, his beloved first grade teacher is retiring and his current 3rd grade teacher is moving on to a principal position 45minutes away. We are close with all the teachers at our school — honestly, I don’t know if the kids or I will miss them more — and we wish them nothing but the best life has to offer, but the finality of those two very important people no longer being there to visit just a few steps away from our house hit my little guy hard. It has been one of those parenting moments that requires having the steadfast commitment to follow through with what you know is right for your child in the face of crocodile tears and a very vocal yet misdirected skepticism. Instead of writing, I was giving hugs and reassurances. I was making cards with contact information to pass out to friends and signing the kids up for art camp. I was letting the kids linger on the playground with their friends after school for as long as they wanted. I was fielding questions and accepting loads of support. Thankfully only once did I find myself looking into the face of someone clearly horrified with our decision. And I was constantly reassuring everyone — including myself — that it is going to be ok. No, really, it’s going to be great. Emotional management this week was a bigger job than I had anticipated and at the end of the day simply much more important than writing here. As is the case with children though, the time investment was well worth it.

My daughter, she was a little sad, but true to form she has this unshakeable zest for life. She hammed it up for her Kindergarten graduation ceremony, delighting us with her air guitar through the entire opening song. She was just all smiles and hugs for everyone.

20140613-081749-29869564.jpgBy bedtime, she was asking when she could start her homeschool and was severely disappointed when I said September, just like public school. While tucking her into bed I was negotiated into promising her a new workbook and allowing her to ‘practice’ homeschool right away.

20140613-080500-29100263.jpgThe next day we picked out a new book and she got to work straight away. Thank goodness, we’ve already planned a soft launch to the school year this summer for the kids or I think we’d be in trouble.

My son isn’t as excited to get back to school work, but by request he did get to bake and decorate his own birthday cake.

20140613-080458-29098891.jpgIf you were wondering what 40lbs of frosting looks like this is pretty close. But the sugar coma that ensued was worth it for that smile.

My husband went to his conference in Chicago with his freshly ironed business casual wear and my mom came to visit and brought a couple giant sets of Legos for the birthday boy — although we missed having my hubby around all this departure from the norm such great distractions for the kiddos during the short transition.  On our rainy Wednesday, my  mom and I treated the kids to lunch at one of their fave restaurants and a trip to the bookstore in exchange for a stop at Cream City Yarn.  It was the first time visiting for my mom, so it was extra exciting and as usual we had the warmest of warm welcomes. I always feel right at home in this shop and it is always so hard to choose what comes home with me. In the end, I picked up yarn for a special surprise for my daughter’s birthday in October…

quince chickadeeA small load of Quince & Co Chickadee to make a set of the Mary, Millie, and Morgan dolls.  I improvised a bit on colors — more pink & blue, less purple, but I was really happy to find a couple of the heathers that have been out of stock online with Quince for a while. There’s one color I may still pick up — petal — to give the little ginger doll a blush to her skin. I may also just go with the egret and have her be a wee bit pale to save the extra skein. I haven’t decided yet and thankfully I have some time.

I squished the absolutely gorgeous Sheepish Merino DK for the first time in the could-have-been-made-for-especially-for-me Fox River colorway and might have bought the lot of it. Seriously, I felt like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings when I looked at it. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank account), I could not remember the name of the pattern I had in mind so I left it there. Gulp.  My Precious! I did finally figure it out — the pattern is Portico. I’ll be back for the yarn before too long I hope– I’m not sure it’ll be a perfect match as the pattern is written for a sport weight and this is a DK, but I think it may be close enough to be worth a try anyway.

My mom departed yesterday and my husband returned from Chicago, so today is the first real day of getting back into the groove of normal life. ‘Normal’ being that my carefully laid plans are already thwarted (the kids and I are unexpectedly without a car, for starters). No bother though, I’m a Mom. I’ve got this.

11 thoughts on “I’m a Mom. I’ve Got This.

    1. Aw! Thanks so much. I didn’t include this, but I am also a super easy cry-er, so the hardest part of the week was not bursting into tears whenever my kids were having a moment. Totally teared-up for your comment though. Thanks!

  1. I love Quince and Co. yarn – I have Kestrel, Sparrow and Tern on the shopping list ……… the one I can’t yet afford but will soon. On the homeschooling front – there will be those who say your children will not be able to socialize – my answer? You can get socialized in prison but why would you want to be? Shuts them right up.

    1. I am dying to try out Kestrel and the brand new Piper, but I am trying to hold off until I get some other items off my to-do list. 🙂 Trying, being that key word.

      Your words are so true (in some ways)! I think the part that can be hard to grasp is that we love the kids’ school, but we are still taking them out. This is just the right choice for our kids and our family right now. I don’t really expect anyone to see what I see in my kids. The one negative reaction I had was pretty restrained, so I really can’t complain. I’m mostly just thankful that every single teacher has been super respectful and supportive. Our principal went so far to take me aside and tell me that she understood that we have to do what we believe is right for our kids, but that their door is always open. It meant a lot to me. Like I said, we really love the school. It’s just not the right fit for us right now. And that’s ok.

      1. I got a lot of flack from “friends” who couldn’t imagine homeschooling. But you know, sometimes what’s right for us isn’t for them and that’s cool.

  2. You can do it! The end of spring is always tough, but it sounds like you’re kicking ass and taking names. Sometimes you just need to be flexible and take things as they come. If you cling too hard to specific plans, it seems like the universe sometimes wrecks them on purpose 😛

    1. A-men! The funny thing is my son actually really struggles when things don’t go according to plan, so I always point out how many things don’t go work out perfectly for me. I always have the plan, but I am totally at peace that it never turns out the way I expect. Keeps life interesting!

  3. I teach at the college level and I’ve had some great home schooled kids as students! They are articulate, mature, organized and a joy to teach. It all depends on the child and the family and the resources they seek out for supplementation. Good luck with your efforts.

    1. I think it’s true of any student in any situation — from public schools to private schools to home schools. It depends on the family, the student, the resources both have access to and how it’s all utilized and comes together. 🙂

  4. Good for you for making that decision. I home schooled for 6 1/2 years until I burned myself out. Perhaps schooling 4 with 2 toddlers was too much? Enjoy your coming days. It’s wonderful teaching your own children. Bless you,

    1. Oh my! I can’t imagine trying it with little ones. Mine are pretty independent already at 9 and 6 – the 6year old is incredibly mature when it comes to school, so it should be manageable. Plus, we’ve planned for one day a week to be my day ‘off’. My years as a SAHM have really prepared me to speak up when I am burning out, so hopefully that helps!

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