Little By Little

I have been sharing just a ton of spinning lately. Why? Because my free time has been very spinning-centric these days! As I always say, while my knitting is a constant, my spinning tends to ebb and flow. Right now I’m about as addicted as one can be to my current breed-specific spinning adventure. I tend to just go with what’s inspiring me, so that’s why you’ve been seeing lots of spinning news lately. There are, however, a number of crafty things still happening when the spinning wheel isn’t turning and I thought I’d share those with you today for a change of pace.

Of course my knitting is still a constant… albeit a  s l o w  moving constant currently. Remember my Socks with Sarah May Challenge — I was going to knit a pair of socks for each of my kids? Well, I am still going on my son’s pair.

20140524-095056-35456698.jpgThey are working out great and the yarn is perfect, but unfortunately I think two sets of tube socks in a row was not the best idea on my part. I’m losing my marbles for all this stockinette stitch! And please don’t even get me started with the added detail that I am knitting them 2-at-a-time which of course makes them feel like they are moving doubly slow. I will get there… someday… somehow….  In the meantime, a note to myself:  Please avoid 1) too much plain stockinette stitch & 2) doing a sock pattern twice in a row. I’m so not great with either.

I’ve also been staring at these three skeins for quite a while now…

20140524-095055-35455624.jpgThe beautiful Quince & Co Sparrow in the Juniper colorway. I’m itching to start knitting with it, but still haven’t totally settled on a pattern. I originally bought it with the Sans Kerchief pattern in mind, but have since been flirting with the idea of a Lida Shawl.  And now there’s the very pretty Emily scarf that was recently added to the pattern line-up. I totally can’t decide.

I also picked up the Yarn Harlot’s latest…

20140524-095057-35457724.jpgThe Amazing Thing About the Way It Goes…. again. Generally speaking I am a library patron, not a book buyer. I have very limited space for books and access to a very good library, so it just makes sense. The downside?  I am a slow reader. I was first on the wait-list for this book when it came out and got it right away. As usual life was busy and one thing led to another and I didn’t quite get it finished in the time the library allotted. I held out hope that I could finish a day or two late and return it with a small late fee (sorry patrons on the list after me!!!), but of course, I did not and ended up returning it two days late and unfinished for the EPIC FAIL. Defeated, I noted the chapter I ended on and have been waiting ever since for my turn to come around again. Any normal, intelligent person would have realized immediately that they should just spend the $11 on the book to save all this drama, but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t doing at least one thing that made absolutely no sense. In any case, a couple of days ago I got this hilarious title back and have the best intentions of finishing in a timely manner. I’ve haven’t jumped back in yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fine this time…

There you have it — the crafty goings-on around here. It may not be exactly smooth-sailing like my wonderful spinning project, but slowly, but surely the knitting and project planning and reading are happening. At some point, I’ll caffeinate myself enough to push through the bulk of the sock knitting in an evening or I’ll work on it while captive on a long car ride. Before too long I will find a way to decide what to do with that lovely linen. And I will probably get around to finishing that Yarn Harlot book (if not on this lending period, then the next for sure…).  They may all be playing second fiddle to my spinning at the moment, but little by little they’ll all get done — hopefully without accruing any further library fines.

7 thoughts on “Little By Little”

  1. I loved her new book!

    I couldn’t stand the glacial slowness of two at a time, so I separated my socks after knitting the heel. I though I would suffer some kind of latent second sock syndrome, but it turned out all right.

    All the best! Keep chugging along 🙂

  2. I’m adding your caveat to my list of “Knitting Rules” — never knit the same sock pattern twice in a row. I think that is excellent advice. One of my favorite things about knitting socks is the bursts of variety in stitches and construction. I think it is that variety that keeps me going! Sparrow yarn is lovely. I’m going to check out their colors. Love Stephanie Pearl-McFee!! I’m ordering this one today!

    1. LOL! I TOTALLY agree! I think a basic socks with a heel I can do over and over again, but 2aat tube socks is henceforth verboten!

      The Yarn Harlot’s new book is awesome — I actually loved that it wasn’t knitting-centric!

  3. I love Quince and Co. yarn, but I haven’t tried sparrow thinking it would be too rough. Is the feel good? I also love their new Kestrel and a couple of Pam Allen’s patterns and the new tee by Hannah Fettig! So many projects ——— and my first two dyed sock yarns are done – I don’t think I’ll buy anything but blank yarn from here on out! You can see the finished product on the first go-round on

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