A Special Little Surprise

It’s no secret that I’m more than a little over-the-moon that my son has taken to knitting. It’s been a wonder to watch him go from all thumbs to a knitter who routinely plops down in front of the TV & knit away through his favourite show. The novelty has worn off a smidge, but he still picks up his knitted snake daily. In fact, he’s at least a half to two-thirds of the way through his first skein of the main color. Like I said, I’m sitting here in awe.

One detail I’ve been struggling with a bit has been finding a knitting bag appropriate for my almost 9-year-old son. I personally have a ton of them, but when I went to look through them for one my boy could use I realized that for the most part what I have is pretty girly.  The only possibilities were too small for the 3 skeins of worsted weight yarn he has for this project. Then, a  couple weeks ago while I was setting up the May Challenge for Socks with Sarah I noticed that one of the sponsors, Stitched by Jessalu, had a couple notions bags in superhero fabric. Batman for the DC fans & a montage of old school comics for those who prefer Marvel. When I saw these superhero fabrics, I just knew this would be perfect for him as he is currently on a total superhero kick. Since there were no large bags in the comic fabric, I contacted Jess about a special order for my son.  Despite being super busy with shows right now, she could not have been more kind and got a special order set up and sewed up in a flash. Yesterday, it arrived.

First of all, it came wrapped (awesome!) with a little hand-written note (awesomer!).

20140520-135704-50224566.jpgMy son was totally not expecting a special little surprise. My kids rarely get gifts outside of their birthdays or Christmas — at least not ones that are wrapped. It’s even more rare for my son to get something like this when his little sister doesn’t. This was a special treat all around.

20140520-135705-50225607.jpgNot knowing what to expect he was a little wary, but as you can see from how fast his hands were moving the excitement started to seep in…

20140520-135706-50226635.jpgHe couldn’t take in all the awesome superheroes fast enough.

We grabbed his yarn and were delighted to see it fit his little project perfectly.

20140520-135709-50229863.jpgThis is a total win-win. All yarn nice & tidy (which mom loves) in a super rad bag (which my boy loves).

20140520-135711-50231354.jpgI also got him a matching notions bag — when I get around to it, I will get him a tape measure, tapestry needle, scissors, and a handy tool. You know, the standard must-haves.

20140520-135708-50228762.jpgI just could not imagine a more perfect knitting bag for my son. And that — you have to admit — is a rather tall order, to find the perfect knitting bag for an almost 9-year-old boy.

20140520-135707-50227675.jpgWith all his materials in order, my little knitter got right to work. Yep, I think we nailed it. Thanks, Stitched by Jessalu!

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  1. I’m so impressed with him – if I’d started knitting at almost 9, just imagine what I could have made!

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