Kalajoki + Sundara Sport Merino Two

A couple weeks ago I declared my own Socks with Sarah May Challenge would be to knit a pair of socks for each of my kids. Last week I wrapped up the first half of my challenge — a pair of socks for my daughter — and then started in on the last half of the challenge, a pair for my son. Long story short, when I showed him what I was working on for him my son asked very sweetly if instead of the neutral I had started for him if he could have red, his favorite color. I couldn’t say no to those sweet eyes and I set to work to finding and ordering the right red.

With the yarn ordered I knew I’d have about a week of sock knitting to fill before his yarn arrived, so I peeked through my Ravelry queue and my stash and grabbed a project I’ve been anxiously waiting to work on for quite some time, Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä. I have had Kalajoki in my queue literally for years. While I was still teaching and knitting shop samples, I lobbied numerous times to work with it, but it never worked out and in my queue it sat.  Last week was the perfect moment — I had about one week, plenty of time to complete this sport weight sock and I actually had the perfect yarn, Sundara Yarn Sport Merino Two in the Imagine colorway.

I am a huge sucker for the email newsletters & updates from Sundara Yarn and really, if you want to stay up on this shop the email newsletters are the way to go (you can sign up here — you’ll also get 10% off your next order when you do!). I love that these updates aren’t overwhelming. They are simple, to the point, and they very effectively inspire me. Thanks to these emails and a weakness for luxury yarns I have a number of skeins in my stash in a number of bases, but until this week I hadn’t yet knit with any of it. Sundara Yarn is one of those companies that you know from the first touch just how special these yarns are. Knitting only confirms what you already know — that it’s amazing. And that’s exactly what confirmation I got over the last week.

I am the quintessential lover of all things blue, the deeper & richer the better. When I got the email introducing the Imagine colorway, I immediately thought of Kalajoki and as it just so happened to be available during a sale in which my mum & I were both picking up a couple skeins, a skein of Imagine Sport Merino Two ended up my cart as well. Imagine straddles that line between where the ultimate depth of blue begins to merge with the first bits of purple.  You simply couldn’t find a better color for a water-themed sock pattern.

detail from cuffAnd these socks have really knocked mine off.

heelI have a wee bit of concern about the  un-reinforced heel & toe of this pattern when paired with the 100% merino of the yarn, but on the other hand the yarn is of very high quality and it is absolutely to-die-for soft. If I have to make repairs, so be it. It will be worth it. All in all, I do highly recommend the pattern. It is well written and easy to follow and anyone with concerns over the heel & toe durability could easily knit in reinforcing thread or substitute other construction method rather without much trouble.

The yarn itself is incredible to work with. It is — let me say it again — to-die-for soft and the depth of colors is second to none.

DSC_0002_edited-whole socksAs you can see, there is little to no pooling of color and the stitch definition is fantastic which all adds to this pattern & yarn combination. Yes, yet again, I have fallen in love with a pair of socks. This pair took a long time finding its way onto my needles, but as usually is the case, it was worth the wait.

For anyone interested in trying out some of Sundara Yarn’s fine yarns, they are undergoing some changes to how they get yarn into your hands and you can read all about that here. Anyone interested in this lovely Sport Merino Two I’ve used can take a peek at the newest two colors available for pre-order, Romeo & Juliette — they’ll be around until June 15th. For those out there who are sock knitters, there is a Sock Club to check out and for those just looking to try a skein or two, you could hop over to the Odds & Ends area.  And, of course, Sundara Yarn is one of our Socks with Sarah sponsors and one lucky May Challenge participant will be winning a $35 gift certificate for this shop.  Can you say awesome?!

Oh, there are so many ways to try this lovely yarn. For me, this pattern & yarn took their sweet time finding their way onto my needles. The socks however, will be going directly onto my feet.

For more info on this project, you can visit my Ravelry project page here.

20 thoughts on “Kalajoki + Sundara Sport Merino Two

    1. I definitely worked from the chart the whole time, but they went quick so I stuck it out. 🙂 I can see where they would not be a cruise control knit though!

  1. I’ve had that pattern faved/queued for years, too! Yours turned out great. I did cast on for a different sock pattern that had been saved for more than three years this weekend.

    1. Sweet! Sometimes I find you just need to have the right combination of yarn, pattern, and motivation to make these things happen! Hope your new project is grand!

  2. This has been in my favorites for a long time, and I fall in love every time I see it! It’s funny, I have a lot of fingering weight sock yarns, but I never really know what to go for with a sport weight.

    1. These were made with Sundara Sport Merino Two — which is a great sport weight 100% merino. Cephalopod Bugga! is an MCN that is also a gorgeous, uber soft sport weight. There are also tons of Regia sport weight colorways out there — Regia is a real workhorse that is still very nice to work with and I have seen it in fingering, sport, & worsted weights. Let’s see, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight, Lorna’s Laces Sportmate, and the 6ply Zauberball are all other great options.

  3. What a fabulous pattern. And you are right, blue is the perfect color. I would add the reinforced heel as I’m not the world’s best darner.

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