A Local Wensleydale

There are some projects that take a wee bit longer than I anticipate. For Christmas I received a beautiful 7oz of locally sourced Wensleydale wool available from the Moches Farm in Colgate, Wisconsin.20131221-145759.jpgA gorgeous natural ivory-white, this was like getting a little cloud for a gift. Do you see how it clearly says ‘7oz’ on the label? Despite having the label right there with it the whole time and the fact that it was clearly 7oz, for some reason I had it in my head that this was 4oz. When the singles weren’t done in a weekend, I re-checked the label to find my mistake. Somehow this was a set-back in my creative process and this turned into a slow-going spin.

This was my very first foray in spinning a longwool. I have to admit, I found it really enjoyable.

20140214-091120.jpgAs recommended by numerous resources, I opted for a lightweight worsted spun 3ply and I can already see that the drape will be amazing.

wensleydale jenniferIt is slightly more uneven & a smidge heavier than I was hoping. Both characteristics I attribute to my first run with a longwool — it took me a bit to get used to that longer staple length. Overall, though I am in love with this yarn. And I think I have just the right pattern for it… now, just to wash & dry it so I can get knitting!

6 thoughts on “A Local Wensleydale

  1. Love the look of this yarn and would love to touch it! I’m thinking a shawlette or scarf since it has a nice drape. The natural color is beautiful!

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