Tube Socks for Kids + String Theory Colorworks

Wow! That was a wonderfully long stretch of amazing prizes for the Socks with Sarah May Challenge, right?!  Now you can all understand why the past few months have been busy for me. You can also probably imagine that I have been bursting at the seams waiting to share this with you. I am beyond thankful that it is all out there and for all who have so generously contributed — thank you!

I have also been beyond inspired by the response from all the Socks with Sarah knitters. I believe we have just over 30 entrants thus far and the challenges have been amazing — some big, some small and all of them fun. The enthusiasm of other knitters is always infectious and I am definitely not immune. If you remember, I have challenged myself to complete a pair of socks for each of my kids for the May Challenge. At the time of the launch, I had started this pair for my daughter.20140501-042724.jpgI really do try to avoid impulse online buying, but when I saw the Gamma Ray colorway in the newsletter from String Theory Colorworks, I jumped. I instantly knew there was just not a more perfect yarn for my daughter. 10 rows of fuchsia & 10 rows of red was definitely a sockful of ideal for my pink-loving girl. When I purchased it, I was planning to use Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks to just whip up a quick custom pair. The day before I was planning on starting, however, the lovely Jane Richmond posted up a brand new pattern — Tube Socks for Kids. It was even free, so it seemed kismet that I use it.

I will say that I did make a few modifications — I like my socks knit at a slightly tighter gauge and I wanted to use my 2.5mm sock rockets instead of my 2.75mm interchangeables, so I did some math and got the proper size figured out. And of course I had my daughter try them on a few times throughout to be sure everything was fitting as it should.

20140508-102025.jpgThis, of course, made her even more ansy for me to finish.

20140508-101546.jpgSo I took every playground and evening opportunity I had to get these puppies done. Oh — see that pretty stitch marker? You get a stitch marker with each skein you purchase from String Theory Colorworks. I love surprises, so I love love love this touch!

I had little time to admire it though because I had a 6-year-old breathing down my neck with daily, “Can I wear my new special socks to school today, Mom?” Really, you can only take so much of that before you start to feel like you are under-performing as both a mother & a knitter.  Driven in this way, I finished in just under a week.

20140508-063244.jpgAnd they were on her feet instantly.

20140508-074553.jpgUnfortunately on their maiden voyage out of the house, my darling daughter was upset about something — it is not entirely uncommon and can largely be attributed to the fact that she is not a morning person and will take it out on any bystander in the vicinity (usually me or her brother).  Note the adorable socks and enormous pouty lower lip.

20140508-074602.jpgBut I can almost forget that  little grouchiness if I cut the photo off just above the cuff. She does love the socks — both fit and color — and has been wearing them whenever possible since they’ve come off the needles. The pout, thankfully, was jettisoned by the time she got to school.

I can’t say enough good things about Richmond’s Tube Socks for Kids pattern. It is everything a kid’s sock pattern should be — very simple, very basic, presented in multiple sizes, and to an extent (because it is a tube with no proper heel) it will grow with your child. I also found the Turkish cast-on tutorial included with the pattern very well done and easy to follow. If you haven’t tried this cast-on, this pattern would be a wonderful way to give it a try!

I also really enjoyed working with the String Theory Colorworks yarn. I have only ever used it for mittens in the past, but I was pleased to note that the Inertia base is of the same great quality as the Momentum I used in the mittens. As always when I work with a wonderful new yarn, I find myself very inspired to try out some of the other beautiful skeins of String Theory Colorworks yarn in my stash!

 Now I find myself 50% of the way to achieving my May Challenge goal. I will be starting up my son’s socks just as soon as the yarn arrives. He managed to choose the one color I don’t have in my possession, so an order was placed and it will be on the way shortly. Until then I will be clicking away on a treat for my feet — but I’ll tell you more about that another day!

I hope your May Challenge is going well, too. If you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring yet, I encourage you to do so — as you’ve seen we have a load of prizes up for grabs. One of them should probably be headed to your house come June!

For more info on my Tube Socks for Kids in String Theory Coloroworks, visit my Ravelry project page here.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind a pair of those myself! And the shoes! I already have the pout ………

    1. LOL! If you can’t tell, she pretty much usually looks like a pink explosion. And the shoes are brand new for summer. Closed toed sandals are the only way to go in our house!

    1. When it comes to her fashion sense, I am hands-off. There’s only so long you can get away with pink/red striped socks, pink/orange sandels, pink coat, hello, purple velvet dress with lavender/green flowers, and a hello, kitty backpack. Might as well let her enjoy it!

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