SWS May Challenge Giveaway, Part 4

To the best of my ability I will share giveaway prizes alphabetically by sponsor name — I have no favourites here! I will be sharing three or four sponsors per day until I get through them all.

Today our sponsors are the fantastic Heidi & Lana, Honey Bee Fiber Arts, Knitter’s Pride, and Louet North America.

From Heidi & Lana, we have this set of handmade stitch markers…

hlmThey are a size small (fit up to a US8) and in the Blue Sky colorway.

From Honey Bee Fiber Arts we have these honeybee themed accessories…

beea notions bag & a matching project bag.

From Knitter’s Pride we have the following items…

1 pair Small Asta Sock Blockers
US 1 Karbonz DPNs – 1 pkg
US 2 Karbonz DPNs – 1 pkg
US 1 16″ Karbonz Fixed Circs – 2 pkg
US 3 Dreamz DPNs – 1 pkg

1 Bamboo DPN Sock Set
KarbonzDPN Set 242 x 145
1 Karbonz DPN Sock Set
Louet North America
And from Louet North America, we have 5 skeins of GEMS Fingering
Fern Green - GEMS Fingering Wt.
available in 31 lovely colors.
Many thanks to all of the Socks with Sarah Sponsors and for those who gave me permission to use their photos!


4 thoughts on “SWS May Challenge Giveaway, Part 4

  1. OMG, those stitch markers are so sweet. I see Mother’s Day present for me!!!

    1. Agreed! I have been buying them for friends & family (and myself!) for 2 or 3 years now. They are seriously perfect and the lady who runs the business is a total and complete doll — love her!

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