SWS May Challenge Giveaway Prizes, Part 3

To the best of my ability I will share giveaway prizes alphabetically by sponsor name — I have no favourites here! I will be sharing three or four sponsors per day until I get through them all.

Today’s sponsors are Fleece Artist, The Golden Skein, Great British Yarns, & Green Mountain Spinnery.

Fleece ArtistAnd from Fleece Artist, we have one skein of Kidazzle in the following colorway…



The Golden Skein has contributed the following skeins from their clubs…

NF Triala skein of Nurturing Fibres ‘Golden Dawn’ from the Trial Club

Hedgehog Fibresand a skein of Hedgehog Fibres Stark from Tornado Over London.

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From Great British Yarns, we have four skeins of Knit Picks Stroll.GBY RedTwo skeins in the Scarlet colorway

GBY multiand two skeins in the Vintage Multi colorway.

Green Mountain Spinnery

And from Green Mountain Spinnery we have one skein of Sock Art.


Many thanks to all of the Socks with Sarah Sponsors and for those who gave me permission to use their photos!

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