Yarn for a Snake

I had hoped to complete a more substantial post today, but life happened and the day just got away from me. Instead, I have a single photo for you.


After a rough day at school, my son asked if today could be the day he picks yarn for his new knitting project. I, of course, obliged – he’s been waiting patiently since Monday evening for us to have time. Once I get the head done for him (he’s not quite ready for increasing & decreasing), he will be knitting a toy snake. I find it pretty sweet that he picked the same colors of his actual pet snake.

So tomorrow, I’m going to finish the post I meant to complete today. I’ll knit a bit on my sock. And hopefully, I will knit a toy snake head.

Life may be busy, but it is never dull.

2 thoughts on “Yarn for a Snake”

    1. Oh, I will, but I assume it will be a while. Despite having not yet cast-on, he does already have plans for his next project (a gift for his sister). The apple does not fall far from the tree!

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