SilverSpun: Because it Feels Good

Every once and a while I get to try some yarn that is special. Yarn that is wild in how unique it is. SilverSpun from Feed Good Yarn Company is just such a yarn. Cotton grown in North Carolina, spun with pure silver & a dash of Lycra in NC State’s Spin Lab, there really isn’t anything like SilverSpun. I mean, not only is this an American made yarn, it is spun with 11% pure silver. That’s so crazy cool.

On paper, the therapeutic properties of this cotton/silver/lycra yarn are impressive — silver kills bacteria and has excellent thermal properties, providing yarn that is especially comfortable & beneficial for those with diabetes, arthritis, and sensitive skin. For the tech-savvy, using SilverSpun in the fingertips of your gloves provides the conductivity necessary to use your touchscreens. In my hands, though, simply as a fiber artist, it was instantly clear that this yarn was special for more reasons than just those that look good on paper…

silverspun_mediumSilverSpun is an incredibly soft cotton and the Lycra provides much more stretch and memory than I am used to in cotton yarns. Curious to test out the therapeutic properties, I knew I wanted a project I could wear on my hands. That’s when I found Alicia Plummer’s Antiquity. According to the pattern, I would need 175yds to create the medium size that I needed to fit my hands — my one skein had 173yds. Convinced I had the right pattern, I opted to short the cuffs and length of the hand a little to be sure I wouldn’t run out of yarn. I ended up with about 50yds leftover so I could have been a bit more generous, but I’m actually quite a fan of my smaller interpretation.

top of hand2They are perfect for typing and for knitting…

palmAnd just so beautifully delicate.

single handThe fit is — in fact — really comfortable.

palm2And I just adore how the stitch pattern is translated in this yarn. I found Alicia Plummer’s Anitquity to be a superbly written pattern. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and — as I said — it just fits this yarn perfectly.

Working with the SilverSpun was as much of a treat as the finished project. I tend to be a little fussy when it comes to cotton yarns, but this fiber blend not only felt great in my hands it also didn’t split the way cotton yarns often can. In addition, I’m not really one to readily subscribe to such things, but I have to admit that this yarn certainly has a unique energy to it — truly unlike any yarn I’ve used or worn before. When I pick these mitts up initially they always feel cool to the touch, but they warm up quickly and they just… they feel good. At the end of the day, as knitters we can knit with SilverSpun because it is good for us. We can knit with SilverSpun to try something new & wild & different. Or, we can knit with SilverSpun simply because it feels good. Whatever your reason, you won’t be disappointed with this unique, lovely, beautiful yarn.


For more details on this project, visit my Ravelry Project page here.

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  1. Very cool. Lucky you to be able to enjoy fabulous yarns. I just purchased some locally made sock yarn in a celery green colour. Delicious

  2. I got 2 skeins of this from my Knitcrate subscription, and have been wondering whether I’d find something nice to knit them into. Looks like you managed just that 😉

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