8 thoughts on “Today on my needles…

  1. Looks like you’re off to a good start! I was doing the same thing (starting a new hat project to replace one I’d recently lost) and then I found the hat in question…it was quite the surprise twist! BTW I love your stitch marker!

    1. The hat I lost is definitely gone for good. I lost it while walking the dog in town, so if I *could* find it at this point it would be awfully gross. At this point, let it be bird nesting material! I finished the new hat yesterday before lunch — I love quick knits! I have to photograph that and another special project today *wink, wink* — been fighting with some less than ideal lighting conditions, but today looks more promising!

      Oh, and the stitch marker came with an order from String Theory Colorworks. 🙂

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