One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Sometimes as a knitter, I cruise through projects like no one’s business. And sometimes, I don’t. Sometimes I cast-on 5 different projects with a single yarn, working each for a couple hours only to rip them back out. Sometimes when I find the ‘right’ pattern for the yarn, I start over another 5times to get it just the way I want it. Sometimes it takes a full week to get a project really moving forward.

That was the story of this week. This was my latest pair of socks Tuesday…

northxnwAnd this way the same sock a day later…

northxnw2Yep, that was me going backwards.

I’m happy to share that after all that fussing around, I am love this pattern and yarn combination and I am finally moving forward. I would rate Business Casual by Tanis LaVallee as addictive as Hermione’s Everday Socks. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to practice cabling without a cable needle. The yarn, the North by Northwest colorway on merino/nylon from Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber is simply rich and gorgeous. I’ve been having to use Instagram filters with it as most of my knitting has been taking place in the evening lately, but I will get a good natural light shot soon so you can share the awe with me at the beauty of this skein.

After a few days of what felt like one step forward and two steps back, I’m happy to be steadily moving forward again on another pair of beautiful socks. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get project moving in the right direction. Sometimes it takes some patience to find just the right pattern for the yarn. Sometimes it takes a few attempts before I’ve got the pattern moving just right. But you know what? It’s always worth the wait.

8 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. So nice to know that I’m not the only knitter who sometimes has difficulty getting started!! I think I may need to as this pattern to my queue.

    1. You know, I don’t have any news on fit just yet (and don’t anticipate any problems), but I love the knitting so far and I think it’s very pretty. And definitely – you are definitely not the only one!

  2. Yeah, that happens to me quite a bit, it’s weird it usually doesn’t have anything to do with the pattern (I might like it) or the yarn (I might like it) OR the difficulty (I’ve usually knit harder stuff) it’s just like.. it doesn’t fit or something.

    1. Absolutely. Usually it’s *because* I like both the yarn and pattern that I am so fussy. It’s kind of like people and relationships — you can have two awesome people who when you put them together make a terrible couple. The right match makes everyone shine. That’s what I look for when I knit. 🙂

  3. I’m having the same issue right now – with some Socks That Rock that I though wanted to be the colour affection shawl. No such luck….many hours (days to be honest) I think I found the right pattern for my precious skein. And I find Business Casual super addictive! I acutally have a similar yarn as you cast on for this same pattern. And funnily enough I first cast on Hermione and did not like with the yarn. Happy knitting!

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