The Best Intentions

My intention today was to knock out a long list of emails I have to write to start shoring up all the details for the Socks with Sarah KAL giveaway coming up in May (by the way, if you aren’t excited for it yet, you can start getting excited now — I swear it’s going to awesome!). Once that was done, I’d start taking some photos and writing ahead. Well, I’ve made it as far as a list of exactly who I have to contact and then I updated the Sponsors List on Ravelry. And now, perhaps due to over-caffeination, perhaps due to the nice weather we’re having — who knows, really, what’s at work up in my brains — for the life of me I can not stop mentally drafting a post about the past weekend. I had the best intentions of being all work first, but sometimes if you can’t beat ’em you just have to join ’em.

Spring seems to possibly have sprung here — I say ‘possibly’ because this is the Upper Midwest, it’s only mid-April, & I don’t want to be overly optimistic. In any case, we spent the weekend outdoors for the first time in a  l o n g  time. Saturday morning was all about raking up the back yard for which the kids were a great help. And then while the kids played, I did this…

20140408-090734.jpgAhhhhh….. I am going to finish this natural locally grown Wensleydale soon. I swear it.

And that was our Saturday. It was perfect, except for poor Moose who hurt one of the pads on his paws late last week so he spent the weekend having to stay calm & with a bandaged foot. We discovered he does not like being under the weather. He hrmphed and looked like this a lot.

20140408-090925.jpgDoesn’t really look different than normal, I know, but trust me it was much more dramatic than usual.

Then, on a whim, my son decided he wanted to become a true knitter.

20140408-090755.jpgBy Sunday morning he was totally hooked & said adorable things like, “Mom, you were meant to be a knitter. It’s your gift. I think I’m getting your gift now, too” and “Mom, can I do just one more row.”  For the record, he is doing awesome and once he finishes up his practice washcloth we’re casting on a toy snake. He is a man on a mission.

My daughter tried knitting again, but is just too frustrated with it right now to get very far. She is pretty competitive with her big bro, so the fact that he is kicking you-know-what and taking names with his knitting makes her zero to cranky in 1stitch because it isn’t easy as a beginner. So instead she just wants me to knit these for her. All of them. And all of their outfits.

Once the morning warmed up on Sunday, the family headed to our beloved Horicon Marsh. To engage the kids, we made our birding a game. Once we hit 20species, the kids get a tiny piece of candy for each additional species. Next time I will try something a little healthier, but we had candy leftover from our company a couple weeks ago and for the first time out it was certainly motivational for the kids. In any case, hitting 45species meant we could have lunch at a restaurant.  The kids were instantly hooked.

We did about half of the birding from the car and half from the trail. It was a perfect day for it — a little chilly in the wind, but the sun was warm.

20140408-090808.jpgAnd the water was even unfrozen. (Note the rock my husband is standing on — that will come up again later…)

Unfrozen enough to see frogs and cold enough that they sat still really well.

20140408-090821.jpgI was so excited to get this photo I caught my finger in the frame — doh! It is still so sweet. I can tell my girl is smiling even from this angle.  (The rock my girl is sitting on is the same rock my husband was standing on in th previous photo– note that it is right on the water…)

20140408-090849.jpgWe continued on further. Bluebirds, Cedar Waxwings, Golden-Crowned Kinglets, Bald Eagles, Song Sparrows — all in all we counted 49 species. It is that special time of year when migratory birds are showing up and the trees don’t yet have leaves so they are relatively easy to find & view.

On the way back, we stopped again at the picturesque little river…

20140408-090834.jpgWhere I hoped to catch a better glimpse of the Belted Kingfisher we saw earlier and my son…

20140408-090901.jpgHe caught his first frog all on his own.

My daughter… well, let me let you read what she had to write about the weekend yesterday at school.

(psst – keep in mind that really nice rock to stand on near the water’s edge)

20140408-090934.jpg(you probably saw that one coming, I know I did...)

20140408-090942.jpgShe really had the best intentions to stay dry while hanging off that rock trying to see the frogs swimming. Sometimes though, when you are six you fall in the drink. Sometimes when you’re thirty-four, you have to write first and work later.

I hope your weekend was as wonderful — though perhaps slightly drier — than ours!

9 thoughts on “The Best Intentions”

  1. Poor Moose missed out on the family fun! I’m sure he would have been in the water with your daughter. Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I bet it didn’t feel so warm when she was wet. And I have to laugh at the number of tries it took for Mom to get the shoe. And how she stopped after the last one. 🙂 I am glad all were safe after that, and I hope that there was a restaurant lunch to follow!

    1. There was restaurant lunch after! And the trouble recovering the shoe was that it was totally stuck in the muck — it took the cane handle of my walking stick to get it loose! Never a dull moment!

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