Churchmouse Basic Sock + ONline Supersocke

While I can’t deny I love the luxury of really good yarn, I still do appreciate a well-made ‘economy’ yarn. Shortly before the launch of the Socks with Sarah KAL, I had this drive to stock-up on sock yarn. Apparently I thought I might not be able to acquire more throughout the year (???) and that I should buy it all ahead of time so I wouldn’t be tempted to get more later (ahem… I am giving myself an incredulous look, too, don’t worry). Whatever the “logic” involved, while filling a shopping basket of pretty sock yarns I came upon the discount pages on WEBS. As with any closeout/sale pages there was a fair bit I had an easy time passing over, but what I did find too good to resist were 410yd skeins of sport weight wool/nylon blend sock yarn from ONline. I had seen ONline yarns before, but never used them and I kind of understood them to be an ever-so-slightly lesser version of the Regia yarns I love so much for socks. With a price tag of only $11.99 for these big sport weight skeins, I dumped a couple in my cart to give them a try.

When they arrived they were about what I expected. Certainly not quite as soft as Regia on the skein, but they weren’t that far off. When my mom placed an order with WEBS a few weeks later, I added a couple more skeins to the order and stashed them. As closeouts or whatever deal they were being sold as, I got colors that I liked and colors I could see my family wearing. At 410yds for $11.99, I have no qualms about knitting up kids socks with them — I have my eye on those chilly nights of our family camping trips. The skeins are big enough I can even do a pair or two for my husband.

At the end of February, I cast on this skein.onlineAnd then I got a little distracted knitting all those baby hats and booties. I soon settled back into seriously working through these though and shortly after I had a nice tall pair of socks.

wholesockKnowing my skein was nice and big, I worked my face Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock pattern, but went with a longer than usual leg — about 9″ — and I stuck with ribbing for the leg and top of the foot.

footI’m actually a little bummed I did this as I like the self-patterning design of this yarn, BUT since I was using a 3.0mm instead of my standard 3.25mm for sport weight socks I didn’t want to run the risk of them being too tight. Why was I using the 3.0mm then you ask? Well, they were otherwise engaged with another project. You know how it goes.

heelThe good news is they fit well and they will serve their purpose. Just as I had hoped and expected they aren’t exactly fancy, but they were a fun, easy knit. For their $11.99 price tag, they are precisely what they should be. Fun & functional. Love it!

For more info on this project, check out my Ravelry project page here.

21 thoughts on “Churchmouse Basic Sock + ONline Supersocke”

  1. huh….I never knew there was logic involved when filling a cart full of yummy sock yarns… πŸ˜‰ And those socks look pretty fancy to me – I love the stripes!

  2. Nice lookers! I like a longer leg also and that’s a good sized skein. I really like self-striping yarns that aren’t just ‘stripes’ πŸ™‚

  3. Nice colours. I am always so impressed with your beautiful even knitting. I think you could make socks knitted with rope look good. It’s good to know about good-buy yarn too.

  4. glad I am not the only one who stocked up on sock yarn in January. πŸ™‚ BTW, got my Dyeabolical yarn the other day, it is pretty! I think it moved up to next in my KAL queue.

    1. Yes, that tends to happen sooner than later. I’m really loving getting to know the full spectrum of sock yarns including their pros and cons in this KAL. For me, it’s can be easy to fall down that rabbit hole of luxury yarns — really who *doesn’t* want to fall down that hole? — but I think it’s good to mix it up.

      1. So true! Even if I can’t justify a lot of sock knitting, I’m enjoying reading about all the yarns you’re experimenting with πŸ˜‰

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