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My husband’s co-worker will be welcoming his first grandbaby in a couple month’s time and earlier this year I was asked to knit up a hat & bootie set. As any self-respecting knitter would, I couldn’t stop at the one hat & booties. My husband reined in my desire to create a whole layette including a blanket, but I did convince him that I couldn’t just knit one hat & booties set. So I made three.


3-6hatbooties3-6 months

6-12hatbooties6-12 months

For the hats, I used the Heirloom Hats for Newborns pattern from Purl Soho for the newborn size and Debbie Bliss’s Simple Hat for the 3-6 & 6-12month versions. I made a simple modification to the newborn pattern so that the top would match the other two.

For the booties, I used Churchmouse Yarns & Teas’ Stay-On Booties pattern. I used this pattern to teach seaming in a class back in the day — it is fantastic for that purpose, by the way — and for this project it worked great because it is written for 3 gauges. Perfect since I was working in Dale of Norway Baby Ull for the newborn size and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for the other two.

newbornbootiesAren’t they adorable?

You can also see that I used a simple 2-stitch i-cord for the ties instead of the twisted cord. I always used i-cords to tie my babies’ booties — they are a little more work, but I like that they are nice & stretchy.

Now it’s off to wrap them up with little labels & washing instructions and they will be on their way to the grandma & grandpa-to-be’s hands just in time for the baby shower. I’m so happy I could play a role in keeping this baby’s head and feet nice and warm for his first year.

For further info on these projects, you can find their Ravelry project pages here:

Newborn hat

Newborn booties

3-6 month hat

3-6 month booties

6-12 month hat

6-12 month booties

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    1. I am a baby addict – I loved being preggers & when my babies were babies, so having a baby (someone else’s) to knit for is always a special treat for me. ☺️

  1. Very cute, and kind of you. Baby booties are one of my favourite things to knit and give. I have an old worn pattern book that my Mum gave me that is my go to for little ones, plus I have knitted a plague of Debbie Bliss’ bunny booties.

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