Today on my needles…


My daughter came down with a bad cold & fever last Friday. After a few days of rest, I got her back to school Tuesday. Now my boy & I have the cold, so I am having some Churchmouse Winter Tea & knitting time in between taking my boy’s temp, supplying him with herbal tea, and making sure he keeps resting. I’m making good progress on my sock, but I’m anxious to have a healthy house again.

11 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

  1. pretty socks! Glad you have a little something to distract you from all the coughing and sneezing. I hope you all are better soon – tea and rest work wonders.

      1. I bet you are good at it! I remember when I was a kid, if we were REALLY sick, we got to spend the day tucked up in Mom’s bed (probably so she could change ours in peace), and she had a bureau drawer with some special things in it, like new coloring books and crayons. We always felt better with new crayons. 🙂

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