The Results Are In!

Well, friends, the results for the ‘Which Dyeabolical Color Should Knitting Sarah Knit’ poll are in!

Here they are from last place to first with their corresponding percentages…

In 6th place with 2% of the votes was the ‘Other’ option — I think by far my favorite write-in was, “One Fred and one Ethel. Life is too short for matching socks.” That made me smile — it’s so true!

Next, in 5th place with 10% of the vote was…

Dance Mistress

Dance Mistress

In 4th place with 13% of the vote came…


In 3rd place with 15% of the vote came…

FredFred (apparently you really can’t keep Fred & Ethel apart)

In 2nd place with 24% of the vote was…

Jo Rides a MotorbikeJo Rides a Motorbike

And in 1st place with 36% of the vote was…

Garden of Live FlowersGarden of Live Flowers

I’m wondering if this reflects how many voters are in the Northern Hemisphere and so desperate for spring that the very mention of ‘live flowers’ meant they didn’t get past this skein. In any case, it is gorgeous — thanks for your help!

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And now, I’m going to take my leave here and put together my order.  Bon week-end everyone — May it involve some sunshine, relaxing, and hopefully just the right amount of knitting!

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