Family Wednesday

This week our schedule is a little different and our normal weekend family day is spoken for, so on the heels of some good teacher conferences we opted to splurge on a midweek family day. We took the kids to one of our favorite spots, the Milwaukee Public Museum. It’s such a great place to go for the family — there’s something for everyone.

For the kids, there was this…

20140306-132006.jpgAnd this…

20140306-132042.jpgAnd this…

20140306-132030.jpgAnd for the grown-ups there was this…


And this…


And this…20140306-131953.jpgWatching the kids here is so much fun and really, who doesn’t love a butterfly house on a 10F day!

It’s pretty rare that I agree to this kind of midweek day out of school for the kids, but this day, we all needed it and appreciated the time together. We rounded out the day with a stop at the bookstore where the kids each got a new book and then a family movie over pizza for the kids, fresh bread & brie & wine for the grown-ups.

During the movie, I did this…

20140306-132105.jpgMy husband’s co-worker is welcoming his first grandbaby in a couple months, so I am doing what any self-respecting knitter would — knitting hats and booties so the babe will have head & toes covered in handknits for at least the first year. I was very happy to one knit up in an evening.  Knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I picked up from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas this pattern is a Simple Hat, also by Debbie Bliss, in the 3-6month size. It’s a pattern I knit a ton when my kids were young and it was always an adorable crowd-pleaser. It was the first time I’ve used the yarn though and I have to say I am pleased. It is super soft and machine washable — so perfect for a special baby (and aren’t they all special?)! This hat used just barely over half the skein and I have a second so that I can also knit up coordinating Stay-On Booties. I’ll be sure to share photos of the finished set when I get there.

I also clicked a bit on my First Footing Socks.

20140306-132054.jpgI’m on to the heel flap. Aren’t they just so fun?!

I’ve got just about an hour left before its time to pick up the kids from school.  Just enough time to cast-on for another baby hat… or maybe a little more work on that heel flap… Either way, the Moose is snuggled in, so it’s definitely time for some knitting!

Just a quick reminder — Don’t forget to cast your vote on which Dyeabolical colorway I should knit up! The race is heating up — whichever wins will find its way onto my needles during the Socks with Sarah KAL this year! Which do you want to see knit up into socks?  Check out the options & vote here!

For the Ravelry project page on the baby hat, click here.

For the Ravelry project page on the socks, click here.

4 thoughts on “Family Wednesday”

  1. I love the Milwaukee Museum. I made a special trip there to see The Quilts of Gee’s Bend there years ago. Fabulous place. I saw the quilts again when they were closer to home in San Francisco but the display in Milwaukee was so much more spectacular.

    1. You may be thinking of the art museum. That space *is* truly lovely. The public museum is a little less aesthetically lovely, but still has loads of good stuff in it!

    1. Yes, working the two-color chart does take more time. There’s definitely no ‘autopilot’ aspect to these socks for me. That being said, it isn’t super slow for me either — there’s a good rhythm to it.

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