What Dyeabolical Color Should Knitting Sarah Knit?

I have been working on what yarn & fiber I’m going to order from Dyeabolical the last few days. I peruse what’s in the shop. I add things to the cart. I walk away. I come back. I remove one or two things. I add one or two things. You know how it goes. I love that my cart is saved from day to day so I can keep looking and re-evaluating. When I went to check in over the weekend, though, I noticed that the Strong Arm Skinny & BFL HardTwist were sold out and almost had a heart attack. Knowing my fellow sock knitters from Socks with Sarah would be looking for those sock yarns while the the coupon code — 15% off your order when you enter the coupon code “SARAH” at checkout — runs through March 15th. I contacted the wonderful Rachel from Dyeabolical to see what was up.

She directed me to her blog where she had already explained she has had to make some changes with her suppliers. While no further orders can be placed for Strong Arm Skinny or BFL HardTwist, her new base, Sturdy Sock, is already available. Sturdy Sock is 75% washable wool, 25% nylon and put-up in generous 500yd skeins– perfect for socks! There is also the lovely Tenacious Sock yarn — a 75% superwash merino, 15% nylon, 10% tencel — that knits into fabric with gorgeous stitch definition. There’s another sock yarn headed for the shop, too, but at the time of this post it wasn’t yet available (I’ll keep you updated if it does become available during the coupon code!).

So I’m enjoying the process of settling on my final selections, but I thought it’d fun to have some reader participation. I’d like your help in choosing a colorway to have dyed up in the new Sturdy Sock. There are a couple reasons I’ve decided to do this. First, I really like surprises, especially in yarn. Second, I hear a lot of people telling me that they never quite know how to expect when they pick a skein of yarn. Now’s your chance to see how one of these colorways translates into an finished pair of socks. Help me pick and I promise to knit it up during the Socks with Sarah KAL!

I’ve narrowed the choices to these five colorways — I’ve tried to pick a wide variety, but if there’s one you really want to see knit you can always select ‘Other’ in the poll and write in your pick. Names appear below the photos

Garden of Live Flowers plusGarden of Live Flowers


EthelAnd with Fred, I had to add Ethel.

Dance MistressDance Mistress

Jo Rides a MotorbikeAnd Jo Rides a Motorbike.

Now. Are you ready to vote?

Go for it!

Polls will be open until the morning of Saturday, March 8th. I can’t wait to see what you pick!

Many thanks to Dyeabolical for allowing me to use these photos!

30 thoughts on “What Dyeabolical Color Should Knitting Sarah Knit?

  1. I am a huge fan of tenacious base. I’ve only knit a shawl from it, but I LOVE how it feels so hard wearing. Though it does take dye a bit darker I believe.

  2. All of the colorways are beautiful. The purple and gold are really bright, pretty. Besides you can’t go wrong with Ethel.

  3. I’m a sucker for blues and purples. It looks like a nighttime sea, and having lived in California for over half my life, colors of the sea call my name.

      1. The colours are gorgeous and I’m sure lovely to knit with. I’ve resisted because I think it’s important to support local hand dyers so I get my sock yarn from I Knit London, The Knitting Goddess and I’ve just bought a skein from Old Maiden Aunt 🙂

      2. Thanks – I agree! Although with this KAL, I’m considering the world my neighborhood. :). And since there are knitters from around the globe involved, I’ve been working hard to find sponsors for giveaways and other promotions from all over. I will definitely bookmark those you mentioned – maybe they might be interested in sponsoring a similar promotion – worth asking anyway, right?

  4. Ahh, I love that green and purple – when I placed my order the other day, I almost chose it. But I had gone there looking for brights so I stayed focused. However, if I like how yours comes out, there is no telling what will happen…

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