A ‘Surprise’ Long Weekend

One day a week I volunteer in my daughter’s class. I go in at lunch time & help open milk cartons, distribute ketchup, and help peel bananas — whatever tasks little hands find troublesome. From there this time of year I zip coats & tuck snowpants around boots and help get all those mittens and hats and scarves in place for recess. The rest of the afternoon I get to read or do math one-on-one or in small groups  and then help when the class is all together for small groups of math. This 2 or 3hours is one of the highlights of my week. I feel pretty fortunate that I get this opportunity to see my girl in her element and to get to know her classmates and teachers.

Yesterday when I walked into the lunch room I was a little early, so one of the teachers and I were chatting and she asked, “So do you have anything planned for your day off tomorrow?” I stared blankly. “Is there no school tomorrow?” I asked. She chuckled. Yes, apparently despite the calendar on our fridge that has NO SCHOOL emblazoned in all caps on February 28th, I had completely spaced on this fact. I have to admit that I’m a little spoiled — my kids, especially my son is pretty on top of his school schedule particularly when it comes to long weekends. I also can see the school parking lot from my house, so even if I completely miss the boat and my boy forgets to remind me if I look out the window at 8am and the parking lot is empty I know to double-check the calendar.

So what are we going to do with our long weekend? Well, we are ‘enjoying’ another round of seriously cold weather. It’s funny how just 2 or 3 months ago a wind chill of -8F might have kept us home, but no longer. My husband and I actually had this exchange this morning:

“Hey, is it cold out there this morning?”

“Nah, it’s only -2F.”

And we both burst out laughing and continued to discuss plans for Sunday as it is supposed to be sort of ‘warm’ at 11F.

So the next couple days with consist of some errands, of course, and trying to keep two active kiddos from going bananas when playing outside is a little tough — even if we brave the cold temps, the snow is basically a sheet of hard ice and not exactly super fun to play in. We’ll do a library run. A trip to the post office. Perhaps some time swimming — we are lucky we have a great pool very close to home and the kids love swimming. A healthy installment of Just Dance is guaranteed — my daughter is in love with it and thus we are all getting down with our favorite Disney songs these days. Legos will surely be involved (they are the ‘it’ toys in our house right now). Cleaning. Putting clean laundry away & ironing (I think if I write it there is a better chance I might actually do it…).

Speaking a laundry and knitting (perhaps my least & most favorite tasks in life), about a week and a half ago I got a note that the samples from my teaching days were boxed upand ready for me to pick up, so I popped down and picked up a box and a shopping bag full of my handknits.20140228-102704.jpgSome — like my O W L S sweater and Classic Raglan Sweater — I was really, really, really excited to have back. This freezing winter really beckons for cozy wool sweaters. The rest have been really fun to look through. Many I had almost forgotten I knit — I was usually was so excited to get them to the shop that I didn’t document anything.  They typically went from my needles to the bath to the shop.  After a year or two on and off display, everything needs a good washing and then I’ll have to decide if I want to take photos and post them up or just wear them. I think they’d be fun to share here as a little walk down memory lane. I suppose we shall see how ambitious I’m feeling when the time comes. For now, I probably should not get ahead of myself and I’d better just focus on the washing. It’s not what I’d call fun, but washing handknits is much better than the normal laundry. That’s something anyway!

Of course, along with errands and playing and exercise and cleaning, I will sneak in some knitting.20140228-102625.jpgI finished up my Snowfling Mitt from Tanis Fiber Arts — including the second thumb which is not present here. From here I’m on to the lining…

20140228-102640.jpgHonestly, the lining is what sold me on this kit — a perfect pale gold accent on this gorgeous mittens. And said gold is a cashmere blend. Yum. I hope the lining knits up quickly, but I’m pretty sure my needles can’t move fast enough for my greedy, freezing hands.

I’m also slowly moving along a few stitches a day at my latest Socks with Sarah KAL sock…

20140228-103609.jpgOf course these basic sport weight socks are knitting up quickly especially considering how little time I am putting in on them right now.  I am happy to be staying with the little bit of sock knitting every day that is the theme of the knitalong and that continues to feel really good. For as simple as these socks are, I’m actually really excited for them as I actually adore basic sport weight socks for around the house.

I am, however, already looking ahead to my next pair of socks… it’ll most likely be the kit in this bag…20140228-104335.jpgFirst Footing by Kate Davies. Oooh, they will be good!

It might just be me, but the longer the weekend the faster it seems to go. Time to get to it — even the laundry — before it’s over!

Happy weekend to you & yours!

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  1. Might seem like a bit of a dumb question, but are fair-isle mittens usually lined like that? I wanted to make a pair for my mam next Christmas but was afraid the inside would annoy her… Now it’s like a world of possibilities have been opened to me! are they just stitches picked up around the base of the mitten, or do you have to graft them together? They look beautiful!

    1. I have done two pair of fair isle mittens and both have been lined. Both have also picked up the lining along a picot edge. The lining process is pretty simple and I LOVE the results!

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