Dyeabolical Yarn + Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Please note that I edited in a very special treat — a special discount code from Dyeabolical! — about one hour after originally posting this. Don’t miss out!

One of the most popular patterns right from the get-go in the Socks with Sarah KAL was Hermione’s Everyday Socks. After reading the reviews that poured in on the Ravelry thread — everyone raving about how addictive the pattern is, how quickly they were knitting through it, and overall how enjoyable it was to knit — I decided I really needed to give it a try.

I cruised through my stash a bit and finally settled on this skein:

dyeabolical4Dyeabolical Strong Arm Skinny in the Flower Shop Inferno Colorway

While I’ve spun with Dyeabolical fibers before, this was my first time knitting with yarn from this fantastic little shop. I absolutely adore that the vast majority of my purchases from this shop are “made to order.” I pick the color & base, submit the order, and within a few weeks I have exactly what I want in my hands. No mad rushing for updates, I just take my time and order exactly what I want. Turnaround times area always very prompt and the service is super friendly. Love. This. Shop.

And as for how it worked out with the Hermione’s Everyday Socks, well, I am kind of a big fan…

feetThe colors are just phenomenal!

heels longI also really loved the new-to-me heel — a ‘slightly modified garter stitch edged eye of the partridge heel’ – it’s pretty fetching.

toesSeriously, I love these colors!

full viewOverall, beautiful socks. Just beautiful. And the pattern is very well done & easy to follow (and free, too!).

I kind of have my eye on the CMY colorway — so wild & vibrant — and Queen’s Tea which is such a nice neutral. First though, I should probably knit through what I have in my stash. They are pretty lovely, too.


Top to Bottom: Nehi To A Grasshopper on Strong Arm Skinny, Wicked City Woman on Tenacious Sock, and Velociraptor Says What on BFL HardTwist

Interesting in trying out and/or stocking up on some gorgeous Dyeabolical yarns? It’s your lucky day! Rachel, the fabulous proprietor, is offering 15% off your orders now through March 15th. Use the coupon code “SARAH” when you checkout to get your discount.  Socks with Sarah KALers and general readers alike can benefit from this sale, so go-go-get — treat yourself to some of these beautiful yarns today!

For the Ravelry project page for my Hermione’s Everyday Socks, click here.

Check out all the gorgeous yarn, fiber, and soaps from Dyeabolical here.

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35 thoughts on “Dyeabolical Yarn + Hermione’s Everyday Socks”

  1. V nice! The colourway worked out well i think, not completely different but not completely the same. Really nice, i guess there’s a reason why the socks are always on top!

  2. Those are really pretty! And thanks fro the discount – I will definitely go check it out. Turns out I am “running low” on sock yarn! Only enough for three more pairs. 🙂

      1. I don’t think so, either. But it will be expensive, even with the discount, as I won’t be able to settle on a color and will have to try several. 🙂

      2. Tenacious Sock, Strong Arm Skinny, or BFL HardTwist will all be great for socks and I have one of each in my stash. If I had to narrow it down, I would say the Strong Arm Skinny as it’s the one I just used and it’s that 80%sw merion/20% nylon we like for socks. If you like a more traditional all-wool sock yarn, the BFL HardTwist is also really great — it doesn’t feel as soft to the touch, but it takes the color with beautiful depth.

        You can read descriptions of each base on any of the colorway pages, such as this one (just scroll down): http://www.dyeabolicalyarns.com/customyarn/158989349/viola-overboard-hand-dyed-yarn-dyed-to-order/

      3. I did read the descriptions, but I have a hard time telling from descriptions what I will really like. It is better to talk to someone who has tried it, or to touch it myself. Strong Arm skinny is one I was looking at, as I like merino, and a little nylon is a good thing. If it feels good, I will go with it. Now, some colors. 🙂

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