A Day As It Should Be

Usually my husband gets one weekday off per week in which we are able to have a ‘date’ day. Both getting over colds, we decided to head out to the Sauk City/Prairie du Sac area for eagle watching. We do it every year — and I wrote about it here earlier this year when we took the kids — but it just sounded good to us. A little bird watching and a leisurely brunch at The Blue Spoon was just what the two of us needed. We love our kids and we love our family days, but as all parents know those stolen hours alone together are pretty special, too.

We started with eagle watching. I apologize for not taking photos — honestly, I was just enjoying watching and even more so listening to the eagles. At one time I had literally 9 eagles in my binoculars’ field of view.eagleMy husband snapped this photo through the spotting scope. They are pretty amazing birds and let me tell you that it is pretty incredible to be staring at 9 of them in one small area. I simply love their ‘chatter call’. You would expect this bird to sound so much more formidable, but you may have noticed that television shows & movies actually commonly use the red-tailed hawk’s call when showing a bald eagle. There’s a reason. While an extremely impressive bird, the bald eagle simply doesn’t sound the part. I love their voices all the more for it and could have listened all day.

Of course, I couldn’t. While we left the kids in school, we did bring the baby of the family along.

moose swimsMoose was over the moon at the presence of ‘soft water’. He really did not care that it was cold enough for ice to remain. He was just wild with enthusiasm for a little swimming.

On the way home, we stopped off in an area where snowy owls have been reported. I saw this….


And my husband saw this…

snowy owlIt was a long, long, long way off (this is zoomed somewhere between 20x & 30x), but there’s the owl. I have absolutely no idea how he managed to find it. But he did. He is awesome that way.

I will admit I brought my current WIP, I mean, SIP….

20140220-100107.jpgHermione’s Everyday Socks in Dyeabolical Strong Arm Skinny in the Flowershop Inferno colorway.

20140220-100123.jpgThe colors are out of this world. And I am completely addicted to the knitting as foretold by my friends in the Socks with Sarah KAL. Despite this though, I didn’t bring the knitting out until later in the evening…

20140220-100214.jpgWhen Mr Handsome here was so tuckered from swimming that he just snuggled up good & close and snoozed while I knit. And now I am about halfway through the leg repeats on the second sock.

So not as much knitting completed as was humanly possible, but sometimes that’s as it should be. To trade conversation, bird watching, swimming puppies, and leisurely brunches for a few clicks of the sticks. The time always comes for that eventually, after all. And lucky for me, that time tends to materialize in the coziest of ways.

Many thanks to Mr Knitting Sarah for the bird & swimming dog photos!

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