Forty Bags of Popcorn & Sweet Surprises

What was I up to last night?  Oh, I was popping popcorn.

20140214-091955.jpgForty bags of popcorn for Valentine’s Day treats for both my kids’ class parties. I usually make up for my lack of cutesy class treats with extra frosting on the cupcakes, but we’ve been trying to eat healthier at our house lately and I thought it important to stay true to the habit. So I popped forty bags worth of popcorn. To try to keep it fun, I hid one Hershey’s Kiss in the middle of each bag. I told the kids to tell their friends that there is a special surprise in each bag. I am delighted to report they are more excited for this party favor than the mounds of frosting that eclipsed the cupcakes I’ve made previously. Talk about a coup!

In addition to colossal heaps of popcorn, this week’s free time has been focused mostly on writing an article that is due shortly. It’s a multi-day process for me — write, revise, revise, revise. It’s such a welcome challenge, a process I actually really enjoy.  In addition to writing and popcorn, it’s been a real hodge-podge of happenings.

I had noticed a friend from the blog posted up her snow dyed yarn on the Today on *your* needles… thread on Ravelry and as I had one bare skein in storage I decided to give it a go with the kids. We called it a ‘yarn experiment’ — I let the kids pick the Kool-Aide, scoop the snow, and apply the ‘dye.’

20140214-104555.jpgI have never dyed anything before and didn’t really expect much beyond the excitement of the kids’ enthusiasm of which there was tons.

I am calling it a semi-success…

20140214-092146.jpgI can only speculate, but I think my snow melted too slowly, so the dye ended up applied very unevenly. Ultimately I ended up giving the yarn a dunk & quick soak in the melted snow just to give it a little… something.

20140214-092132.jpgThere are a couple spots I’m not wild about, but for the most part I kind of like the light grey-blue hues with purple-y undertones. Most importantly though, I love that my kids love it. That’s the yarn they dyed and they think it’s so cool. At the end of the day, I’m happy with that no matter what the yarn looks like.

It even inspired my 6year old to pick her needles back up. Without me knowing, she got her Annie & the Swiss Cheese Scarf book and the bag of knitting I put together for her a while back and she started working on it. There were some serious frustrations followed by…

20140214-092056.jpgReal. Live. Little Girl. Stitches.

Little girl & I are very tickled by this. She wants to set up a knitting date for us. Granted I would be perfectly happy if my kids never wanted to knit a stitch, but that being said I’m not sure it gets much better than this moment.

In smaller news, I finally got some buttons for my Tallin

20140214-092116.jpgNothing fancy, but they match and that’s really all I needed.

I’m also hoping to get back to this gorgeous spinning project…

20140214-092027.jpgThe beautiful Wensleydale.

And in a moment of excitement I pre-washed this amazing yarn from the Snowfling Mitts kit from Tanis Fiber Arts….

20140214-092012.jpgI have such a weak spot for colorwork and apparently an even weaker spot for the lovely yarns of Tanis Fiber Arts. My poor wallet. My fortunate hands.

I also wound this fab skein…

20140214-092208.jpgThis will be my next pair of socks — Dyeabolical Strong Arm Skinny in the Flowershop Inferno colorway. I think they are going to make a beautiful pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks. This has been such a popular pattern in the Socks with Sarah KAL that I just have to give it a try.

First though, I’ll have to finish up these beauties…

20140214-092157.jpgCustom Toe-Up Socks in Sheepish Yarn Co‘s BFL Sock in the Cedarburg Winery colorway. Sheepish Yarn Co is a brand new dye house from the Milwaukee area and can be purchased through the lovely Cream City Yarn’s online shop. I’m just loving working with this beautiful yarn and the vibrant magenta has been perfect for getting me in the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week.

Magenta socks, project planning, yarn experiments, writing, and forty bags of popcorn with a hidden kiss inside. This life, it’s never dull. It’s never what I expect. But it’s always full of sweet surprises.

4 thoughts on “Forty Bags of Popcorn & Sweet Surprises”

  1. What a lovely post. So many fun things. I had not heard of snow-dying. I think that your yarn came out very pretty — and everything is more fun with enthusiastic children. I’m excited to hear about another Wisconsin yarn.

    1. Thank you! I hadn’t heard of snow-dyeing either, but lord knows we have plenty of the stuff these days. Might as well put it to work for us! And yes, yes! Give Sheepish Yarn Co a go — very lovely colors!

  2. Yes, your post made me smile! Now I have to get going on my socks, hoping to finish one today. The 2nd sock I knitted too long(what was I thinking) so have to frog about and inch or two and then do the toe. My next pair might be Hermiones’ too, so I might be asking for some help. Have a great day!

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