Socks with Sarah: Leftovers

For those who knit socks, especially the top-down variety, there is almost always some leftover yarn. While it was my intention to wait a spell until I have a few more odds and ends to work with, my Socks with Sarah knitalong friends are far too on top of things to let me get away with waiting. They are so awesomely motivated and enthusiastic — I love it! — that they actually started discussing the topic of ‘leftovers’ a little over a week ago. While I have my own ideas for what I’d like to do with my leftovers, I want to also share some of theirs with you here today. We have a bit over 11 months of sock knitting ahead of us, so there are bound to be bunches of small quantities of yarns in our stashes. I say the more options, the better!

First, mjm of whatzitknitz recommended these….

starting a year of socks 2014

A long bias garter scarf intended to be used as strips in a blanket and a gaggle of cute little toys. You can find most of these whimsical toy designs in her Ravelry store.

She also shared this lovely hexagon blanket…


For which she shares basic info for how she created it on her Ravelry project page.

misselle of Miss Elle Knits  & Jumble Jelly had a super cute idea, too. She makes baby socks…

Baby socks!

And then…


Mini socks!  Seriously too cute!

Other suggestions included the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Jolly Wee Elves (a free pattern!), baby & child sized legwarmers, and the ever present, ever popular Beekeeper’s Quilt. Of course, the fantastic Susan B Anderson has a treasure trove of dolls, decorative mini-stockings, and accessories — oh! and don’t forget the knitted fruit! — in her Ravelry shop & within her books.

Personally, I have always been a little wooed by the idea of a ‘Recession’ or ‘Rag Bag Cardi’ like this one. I come back to it again and again and just think it would be such a neat project. I could easily use Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters (an amazing Christmas gift I received — my family gives the best gifts!) as a guide. This will take A LOT of odds and ends though and honestly, I think it might be a bit more realistic for me in dk or worsted leftovers.

The ‘leftovers’ project that I think best suits me & my family for this year of sock knitting is Martine of iMake’s Knitted Patchwork Recipe.


 I can’t explain why, but I love the aesthetic of this blanket. It is simple, yet has interesting textures. I also very much appreciate that you can either knit up squares and sew them together at a later date or you can join them as you go. I adore this join as you go option and will definitely be going this route — waiting to have some options to join together is delaying my start a bit, but I’ve no doubt it will be worth it. This Knitted Patchwork Recipe is created in true iMake form as it is well-written, nicely laid-out, and easy to follow. If I run into questions, there is even a Ravelry thread for this ‘recipe.’  I. Am. Sold.

There are simply oodles and oodles of ideas for ‘leftover’ sock yarns out there. If you have a preference, please feel free to pop on over to the SWS Leftover Ideas thread — we’d love to hear your thoughts!

All photos used with permission – Thank you, ladies!

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    1. I didn’t really go into it, but I tend to wind my leftovers and then bag them according to weight. That way I know just what of each weight I have to use. As far as fibers, I work mostly in wool or wool blends, so that usually is no big deal. 🙂

  1. Fun! I love the idea of “hexipuffs” but I knitted a mitered blanket and lived to tell the tale, so I think I’d try that one for my sock yarn leftovers!

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