Living in the Winter of Winters

This year is proving to be a true winter of winters here. While it has been snowy, but not particularly snowy it has been bitterly cold for what feels like forever. It’s been so cold I was walking to get my kids from school last week and thought to myself, “Wow. It’s pretty warm out here.” It was 9F.

There is only so much hiding in the warm house that one family can do, however. So yesterday we put on our two pairs of long underwear, boots, and wooly handknits and headed out for an adventure. One of the most scenic parks in the area, Devil’s Lake State Park is almost always as crowded as its views are unique for us here is the Great Lakes region. A perk of hiking when the temps are around 10F is that you pretty much get the park to yourself.

Was it worth braving the cold?

20140210-123739.jpgThe trail was steep and slippery…

20140210-123724.jpgBut the light & the snow on the boulder fields was beautiful…

20140210-123757.jpgAnd the sky was a perfect medium blue against the evergreens and rosy granite.

20140210-123836.jpgThe deep and endless forest held all its quiet secrets save for a lone woodpecker and a few chickadees.

20140210-123820.jpgThe view from the top was windy and brought a whole new understanding of ‘bitterly cold,’ but it was breathtaking, as always.

Most importantly though were these faces…

d devil's lakeCold, but little troopers they made their way along the trail.

kids up rockAnd they worked together to make their way up impossibly steep rocks.

I gracefully demonstrated the art of the ‘glissade’…

the glissadeKnown better in my house as ‘butt sliding’ — we are oh so classy.

me & mooseDid I mention Moose made the trek, too? He liked going up… but not so much the sliding down.

Was it worth it? Let me ask you this?

delia hatCan you see the smile in her eyes?

Yes. It was worth it.

And while we’ve all since warmed up, the dog is still a little tuckered.20140210-130734.jpgWorth it, but happy to be home.

Many thanks to Mr Knitting Sarah for his photo contributions!

12 thoughts on “Living in the Winter of Winters”

  1. What a beautiful park! It must have been nice to be able to enjoy it without bugs eating you and prickly plants looking to get stuck in your socks.

  2. Wow. I have lived in Madison most of my life but it has never occurred to me to visit Devil’s Lake in the winter. It is just gorgeous! I, too, am a butt-slider. Nothing wrong with that!

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