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  1. I took my sock knitting to work today, started knitting the wrong direction in the round so I’m no farther ahead after ripping : (

  2. Why, oh WHY didn’t I find your great site before the 5th of February?!! I have only just found your blog how could I have missed it I am always looking at things to do with textiles, Yarn, knitting. I came via keirybeeparis! Well, I am really glad to have found it now is all I can say!
    I have always wanted lots of hand knitted socks ever since I worked in Latvia and was delighted when, in the winter, the homes I was invited to had a basket of socks by the door for visitors to wear when they took their boots off – I admit I tried to get invited to as many homes as possible. I was, it has to be said, disappointed on occasion when there was something ordinary or nothing, the worse flip-flops!! I started to meet arty people and they had the most amazing socks! I thought then I must try and learn how to do this. I never remember seeing a yarn shop in Riga though!
    I have looked at patterns for knitting socks since then but it might as well be in Latvian or Russian, as there is a whole different language going on! I have envisaged having a basket of socks for years, however,I feel somewhat intimidated by knitting patterns for socks that I have seen probably because of that whole other language going on – and so I never have achieved even one sock, let alone a basket of them! When you know nothing of it it’s hard to recognise a good pattern to start with 😦 and which yarn to start with – there are so many – all lead to cries of HELP!! I’m delighted that your kitchen table is ‘untidy’ though I have to say mine is much worse! There is a great picture over on Arne&Carlos FB page of a kitchen table that is stupendous in it’s creative untidiness – I am sure it would be of interest to you.
    I am sorry for this long reply 😦 I hope everyone who is following you on this has a great time knitting lovely socks.

    1. I’m not sure if there is a language barrier for you, but you are more than welcome to get a copy of the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas pattern I use — it is very basic & I have tutorials up for each of the shaping steps, so I’ve had more than a few first time sock knitters make their way through that first sock. The KAL is open enrollment, so you are more than welcome to join us — it’s never too late to start making sock knitting a part of your daily life! 🙂

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