Socks with Sarah: Shape the Toe

As promised, today is the day I am sharing a video tutorial walking you through shaping the toe of the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock in 2 Gauges. One thing I love about the toe shaping is that when you arrive at this portion of your top-down sock, you are really & truly in the home stretch. From here on out, you are decreasing stitches until you are ready to Kitchener stitch the very last stitches. You are so close!

Having made it through the gusset shaping, the toe shaping will come very easily to you. You will actually be doing the exact same decreases you used for the gusset shaping, while at the same time adding in decreases on either side of needle two. Also, just like the gusset shaping, you will work one decrease round then one even round and continue in the 2-round repeat until you have 16stitches total remaining. This will give you a nice tapered toe.

I know when I was first learning how to knit socks, the most confusing thing to me was which decrease to use in which spot. It’s easy, though — as you work your way around the decrease round the decreases you use will alternate: k2tog, ssk, k2tog, ssk. Easy, peasy!

Without further ado, though, here’s the video link so you can watch me work a couple rounds to help get you on your way.

Have questions? Pop on over to the Ravelry thread where I’ll be happy to help!

The next video tutorial will be live on February 3rdt when I walk you through Kitchener stitch. Until then, happy knitting!

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