Snow. Cold. Moose. Socks.

Where I live, January is the month when the magic of winter begins to wear off & instead of eliciting gooey comparisons to snowglobes a new snowfall tends to just get everyone complaining about shoveling… again. I take care of the snow removal at our house. We don’t have a snowblower, so ‘snow removal’ is simply me. Outside. With a shovel. I am lucky in that about half the time our neighbors snowblow for us, so I return the favor and shovel for them whenever I can. This morning was one of those mornings. And you know, I really don’t mind any of it — the snow, the cold, the extra work. Honestly, I’d much rather shovel than mow the lawn. I just love winter, even in late January.

With 5 or 6″ of fresh snow I was thankful that it was the light, fluffy, airy variety and I had the two houses’ walks all cleared out before long. Since I was bundled and we’re expecting another stint of subzero temps to move into the area tonight, I went ahead and filled all the bird feeders, too. And then, when all the work was done a little play was in order.

20140126-100558.jpgSomeone was a wee bit excited to romp in the new snow and how could I deny this face?

20140126-100638.jpgWe use frisbees this time of year — they are harder to lose in the snow than tennis balls — and Moose fetched his little retriever’s heart out and then promptly laid down for a spell to rest & chew on his apparently indestructible frisbee (thanks Grandama & Grandpa!).

20140126-100609.jpgMoose loves to ‘drop’ his frisbee in the snow so he has to find it again.

20140126-100707.jpgThe finding looks like this. I love this dog.

20140126-100736.jpgWhen it was time to head in, he tried to use camouflage to avoid the inevitable. It worked for a time… again, how do you deny that face a little extra play?

Of course, shoveling wasn’t the only thing I did this morning. I was awake for a couple hours before I could get outside without disturbing the neighborhood. So I did this:

20140126-100446.jpgOh yes, I did. I finished Socks 1.1 & 1.2 for Socks with Sarah.

20140126-100506.jpgThey are made with Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber Sock Yarn in Aegean. I just love the colors, as always is the case from Cloudlover.

20140126-100543.jpgAnd there they are. Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock made with that gorgeous Cloudlover yarn.

I am going to give them a wash before I wear them, but theย air is so dry they will be ready to wear in no time. For those of you knitting along, I am a bit early finishing up, but I did shoot the video tutorials along the way and I will post them on the designated days as promised. Just keep knitting away!

As for me…

20140126-104008.jpgI have some yarns to wind and choices to make and exciting new projects to begin. After all, when the work is done a little play is in order, right?

23 thoughts on “Snow. Cold. Moose. Socks.”

  1. Beautiful perfection! Love your socks. I love my sock too, but it’s not perfect… There is a line running all the way down the bottom where the dpns meet. I hope that won’t show on the second one. Got any suggestions?

    1. Thanks! As for that pesky ladder, you can pull a wee bit tighter on the first couple stitches of each needle. Also, washing & a little wear should even that out pretty quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Moose hiding in the grasses–awesome photo! What a great friend. I wish our setters would fetch but they just like to run off in the woods and hide with whatever we throw to them. Your socks turned out wonderfully. Enjoy your afternoon now that the winter work is done!

    1. LOL! My husband grew up with a lab/setter mix. We actually picked a retriever because I have a very temperamental hip and having a retrieving dog means I can exercise him with fetch when walking him isn’t an option. It helps, of course, that he is an exceptionally good dog.

      Thanks for your kind words on the socks — I love the colors. And I’m happily into a new pair!

  3. Always always love Moose photos, head in the snow……still chuckling. Your sock knitting is so neat. I’ve just finished my first SWS pair tonight, very happy. Photos tomorrow for the FO thread on Rav.

  4. just got back from a lovely wisconsin winter walk and am sitting here procrastinating before starting dinner.
    I love this time of year and don’t get tired of all the white. there is something wonderful about being the first one out after a snowfall. being out in a stark white landscape and being the first footprints in the snow makes you feel like you are exploring a brand new world. everything is clean and crisp and well cold.
    this year we haven’t started the snowblower once. we have cleared the snow by hand. it has been fun and good excersize but lucky for us it has all been light fluffy snow ; )

    1. Our neighbor’s helped a ton when the kids were babies & my husband worked weird, long hours. I figure now that they are older and I can let them stay in while I shovel, it’s the least I can do. I figure within a year or two I will enlist the kids more, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Moose is complicated — loves the snow, but is not a fan of the extreme cold we’ve been having. When it gets below zero after about one minute he’s like, “I’m done. Let me back inside, please.”

  5. oh, Moose is so stinking cute! I would have a hard time not playing with him, too. The socks look good! Can’t wait to see what you choose next.

    Glad you like shoveling – this winter you seem to be getting to do it often.

      1. My own lab is obsessed with one particular frisbee. He carries it everywhere and greets me after work at the door ready for play time. Mine however HATES digging in the snow for it!

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