In Review: Signature Needle Arts DPNs

I have been eye-balling Signature Needle Arts double-pointed needles for a good five years. While I have read nothing but glowing reviews, that price tag kept them at arm’s length for me. I am a stay-at-home mom and however appealing, I figured I could do without the ‘Ferrari of knitting needles’. It was on a sunny September morning that I walked into the Yarns by Design booth at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival & saw that they had these needles with them. I hastily looked up my go-to sock pattern to double-check the needle size — at $47/set of 4, I was not about to accidentally get the wrong size. And I jumped. It was my splurge for the festival and even though I knew they would have to sit unused while I worked on holiday gifts I had a feeling they’d be worth the wait.

Last week when the Socks with Sarah KAL kicked-off, the time had finally arrived.20140114-153529.jpgI would now get to knit with these very special needles.

Let me tell you, they were worth the wait.

It took but a few rounds to know that these needles are in a league of their own. As with any new needles the first couple rounds take a bit of getting used to, but once I got rolling I knew it would be hard to go back to needles without this perfect stiletto point. Effortlessly comfortable and lightweight, these beauties have the perfect combination of slip & grip rendering the knitting incredibly comfortable, easy-going, and enjoyable. I have worked with a fair number of high quality needles and these blew them all out of the water. For me, a new standard for knitting needles was set with these little green US1s.

In addition to the impeccable quality, I can’t help but love that these needles are designed and manufactured in a family-owned precision machine shop a scant two hours from my doorstep. When making inquiries recently, I received prompt & incredibly friendly service — really just above & beyond my expectations. For me, when you consider the level of service, the location where they are made (in the USA as opposed to abroad), and the quality… well, I have to say — the price really makes sense.

It’s true that I’m kind of afraid of losing one of these needles, but it definitely helps to know that I can pick up a single replacement needle should that happen. I don’t think I’d be as comfortable with them if I knew I’d have to replace the whole set should one go missing, so I’m very thankful one of the good folks at Signature Needle Arts thought of selling them individually. I’m also much more careful with how I store these stiletto tips than with other knitting needles — they are just so sharp! It’s a small accommodation though, but a moment’s extra thought for a fantastic tool. Really, at the end of the day whether they cost $47 or $7, for a set of needles this incredible I would gladly take extra special care of them. These beauties are definitely worth the effort.

While it’s up to you if you want to try these ‘Ferrari of knitting needles’, I can assure you that they do indeed live up to the hype so should you jump you won’t be disappointed. That they are a superior tool is indisputable. That you would love them, I have no doubt. That you would be able to stop at one set, well… that I can’t say. I can say with some certainly though that I will not. In fact, my next set is already on its way.

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