Socks with Sarah: Turn the Heel, Pick Up the Gusset, and Shape the Gusset

I hope the sock knitting is still coming along! I have to admit that I usually don’t work socks 2 at a time when I am using double-pointed needles, but with making the video tutorials I have been in order to be able to sit & film in fewer installments. It’s been kind of fun!

So today, I promised to have completed the heel flap & walk you through how to turn the heel, pick up gusset stitches, and begin gusset shaping. The videos for today are a bit on the long side, but it is only because I literally walk you through the whole process. Because this is kind of the action series for socks I want to be sure I don’t want to lose anyone along the way!  When it comes to knitting socks, today’s maneuvers are the most challenging and require the most attention to detail. I won’t say they are hard, but they do require focus. Hang with it and you’ll be cruisin’ away on the foot before you know it!

First up, the big kahuna: turning the heel. If you haven’t worked short rows before, this may seem a little crazy. Trust me. Focus. And follow along and I promise you will end up with a perfectly shaped little cup-shape perfect for your heel.

Next up is picking up for the gusset. In this step you will pick up stitches along the heel flap & join your sock in the round once again.

And finally, you will begin the gusset shaping.

Once you’ve completed the gusset shaping  and are back to the number of stitches you cast-on you are officially in the home stretch! Work the foot even until it measures 2″ less than the overall length desired from the back of the heel to your needles. This should be 2″ less than the total length of the foot for which you are knitting.

Have questions? Pop on over to the Ravelry thread where I’ll be happy to help!

The next video tutorial will be live on January 31st when I walk you through how to shape the toe. Until then, happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “Socks with Sarah: Turn the Heel, Pick Up the Gusset, and Shape the Gusset

  1. Already finished one sock… I LOVE IT! Can’t wait until the other one is finished so I can wear it. Had just enough yarn. 🙂
    I’ll watch these videos doing my second sock and see if they come out the same.

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