Socks with Sarah: Working the Heel Flap

Socks with Sarah is going like gangbusters & I have been hearing the greatest feedback from knitters — it makes me so happy to hear how much everyone is enjoying the KAL. Likewise, it is amazing and exciting to see all the progress! Whether it’s someone who worked really hard to knit one needle’s worth of stitches after a long day of work, or someone has knit five socks working out a new pattern, it’s just awesome to see how so many knitters are making sock knitting a part of their routines.

As you may have noticed, my general writing has declined a bit over the last week. I’ve been knitting away and hard at work on the video tutorials I promised to create. While they are certainly getting easier for me, the process is still in the realm of the steep learning curve. I will continue to polish things up as I get more familiar with the editor and should return to my regular writing schedule shortly. In the mean time, my kitchen table looks like this:

imageThe camera got a workout, so it’s charging & couldn’t make the photo.

Anyhoo, as promised today I have a video tutorial that walks you through the heel flap set-up row & the heel flap of Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock. When you watch these videos, you will notice that I have a little blurb that I repeat at the beginning of each video. It says some important things. You are going to feel like I’m stuck on repeat, but the three main points I feel are necessary to repeat — that’s why I am going to say them at the beginning of each video. This is the first time you’ll be hearing them because these are the first Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock specific videos and I want you to understand why I’m prefacing these videos with these points.

First, I remind knitters that they should have purchased their own copy of the pattern. Patterns are for personal use and should not be photocopied and redistributed. The good folks at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas have been absolutely incredible in their support of me with this knitalong and it is the very least I can do to gently remind knitters that the designers deserve to be paid for their hard work in creating such a wonderful pattern.

Second, I make the point that I can put together a really great video tutorial, but it simply won’t compare to the hands-on help you’ll get from a skilled teacher. I’ve also had great support from a number of local yarn shops and I want to be clear that my video tutorials will work best when acting as support for a good hands-on class. I am a very hands-on person, I was a very hands-on teacher, and I whole-heartedly believe that a good teacher can really make or break a new knitting experience. That being said, I’ve worked hard to make these videos clear & complete and I’m thankful I’m able to create them as another quality reference to help out those who don’t have access to an LYS or a good knitting friend, for anyone who needs a little refresher, or possibly to be used by teachers to share after class is dismissed.

Third, I am knitting the fingering weight version of the sock. The pattern comes in two gauges, so be sure if you are knitting along with the tutorial that you are following the stitch counts that are correct for your sock. I will keep reminding everyone just to help avoid the possibility of this easy to make mistake.

Without further ado, here is the video tutorial that covers the heel flap set-up row & how to work the heel flap. If you have any questions, please feel free to hop on over the Ravelry group and ask away!

8 thoughts on “Socks with Sarah: Working the Heel Flap”

  1. Excellent work, Sarah! Planning a visit to Churchmouse Yarns in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to personally thank them for supporting this KAL!! Just finishing the gusset decrease on my first Hermione sock today!!

    1. Awesome work! And thank you – definitely give everyone at Churchmouse lots of love & hugs. I don’t have the words to explain how humbled I’ve been by their kind words & encouragement. They are definitely in a class all their own!

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