Today on my needles…

After spending far, far, far too long dealing with what I am dubbing The Great Center-Pull Ball Disaster of ’14, I am back on track and wrapping up cuff #1 with my Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber 75/25 in Aegean. Can’t record video tomorrow, so I’ll be starting cuff #2 shortly. Loving this Socks with Sarah KAL – every last aspect of it!

10 responses to “Today on my needles…

  1. Meeeeetooooo! Loving the socks with Sarah KAL! I just completed the second sock last night – the second sock of the pair I began three years ago!!! THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR KAL! AND I could not wait – within 30 minutes of the last stitch – I had already knit on half the cuff of a brand new pair!!!

  2. This KAL is definitely working for me, too. I’m getting closer to the end of the second sock and looking forward to others. Thanks for putting this KAL together.

  3. Like carla, I have dug out a sock I started about 2 years ago but I cannot decide whether to pull it out and start again or try to work out where i am and keep going, but what if I get it wrong, Decisions, decisions.

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