A Long, Wonderful, Whirlwind of a Week

Well friends, it’s been a long, wonderful, whirlwind of a week.

I’ve been crazy busy getting everything situated for the Socks with Sarah KAL — there isn’t one aspect that hasn’t been exciting for me.  But despite the excitement, the world keeps spinning and life here keeps marching on.

I did my weekly afternoon volunteering in my girl’s kindergarten class where I got to play Sequence Letters, attempt to draw 20mitterns, and float around the room helping 18 5 & 6-year-olds with math exercises — it’s always awesome & I leave refreshed and happy. I had promised to participate in a test knit for Jane Richmond, so I wrapped that up — details to come when the pattern is released. My inability to clearly explain to my eight-year-old what the word ‘wretched’ means led to a trip to the bookstore for a childrens’ dictionary. Which led to the kids to each getting a new book. Which led to a very bright-eyed 6-year-old coming into our room at 10:30pm last night declaring she’d read her new book cover to cover. While we allow the kids to read before bed, her bedtime is 8pm. Apparently, The Puppy Place #33: Gizmo is a real page-turner.

On my husband’s day off, we went for a drive around The Marsh looking for birds. The snow, wind, & cold meant we saw roughly three species — American Tree Sparrows, a Junco, and a couple Red-Tailed Hawks. But our Moose did get a romp in the snow.

mooseHe is kind of a fan of snow.

I also got a somewhat slow start to my maiden sock for the KAL. After about two inches, I had a pretty serious center-pull ball failure.

20140117-120845.jpgBut I’m working through it…

20140117-120855.jpg… and making some decent progress.

Thankfully, my back-ordered birthday gift arrived earlier this week…

20140117-122616.jpgCan’t wait to get it set up — hopefully it’ll help me avoid the above mentioned failure.

We have plans for the weekend, so for now, just for a few minute I’m going to steal a little knitting time for myself (while doing the laundry, of course). I have to be ready for the next adventure.


Many thanks to my husband who took the photos of Moose.

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