Socks with Sarah: Here We Go!

The day has finally come for us to start the first day of the next year of our knitting life:


A little (or a lot) every day.

Here we go!

As promised, I am providing a timeline for the pace I’m going to use when knitting my Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock should anyone want the structure.

This is how I will proceed:

January 15: Cast-On & begin knitting the cuff

January 22: Set-up the heel flap & begin work on the hell flap

January 24: Turn heel, pick up gusset stitches, and begin gusset shaping — continue on through the foot

January 31: Begin the toe & finish up knitting

February 3: Kitchener stitch the toe

I will be including a brief video tutorial on each of these dates walking you through the basic how-to of these important steps.

Should you get ahead, it’s a great idea to get a start on sock #2 & work the two socks side by side. If you get behind or are knitting slower, that’s totally fine. The tutorials will be online for you to access at your leisure.

And without further ado, pardon me while I get to it.


I have a feeling my Instagram account may get a workout this year!

Happy Sock Knitting!

32 thoughts on “Socks with Sarah: Here We Go!”

  1. Looking forward to seeing everyones creations. Although I daily knitting might not happen, I can dfeinitely do some every week. My second ever pair have just been finished, and just trying to decide on my third pair now:)

  2. Up and running! Using basic sock pattern, 2 at a time, cuff down using wool that I dyed myself – I think in US it would be worsted weight. Cuffs done, 3 rows into legs. Is that beautiful red notebook where you keep all the useful notes I always think I’ll remember (but never do)?

    1. Yay! That little red notebook is where I keep the notes I always think I’ll remember and never do! I have been meaning to keep track of my knitting forever, but am making a real effort for the KAL!

  3. Just watched the long tail video. I’ve tried many times to learn that from books … this is the first time I can really understand and see how it’s done. 3 gold stars to you, lady!

    1. Whew-hoo! I’m so glad! Can I tell you I’ve been meaning to post tutorials for well over 3years and am finally getting to it now. I will be working on organizing it a little better so they are more accessible on my blog, but it’ll probably take me a bit to get there. Glad it help though!

      1. You are putting such lovely things out into the world,and making it so easy. Thanks! One thing I really can’t seem to do to my satisfaction is making a seamless join when making my cast on stitches into a circle. I always seem to end up with some sort of dip or gap. Maybe sometime you could do a little video on this.

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