Socks with Sarah KAL Housekeeping


What an awesome start to the Socks with Sarah KAL!  Many thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word & inviting friends and readers — please keep it up everyone! I can tell this is going to be an amazing, amazing year!

I have been receiving some questions about sharing photos & progress & where to sign up, etc, so I thought I would attempt to consolidate that information here in one simple post. It will make this KAL so much more fun if we are all on the same page, doing the same thing, right?!

(If I miss anything or if you have any suggestions for how I could do something better, please just let me know. I know many of you are way more computer & KAL savvy than I am & I’m absolutely open to your input!)

Here’s the key info.

1.When tagging projects, please use #sockswithsarah

I will be using this tag for Ravelry projects, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook — all those social/sharing media outlets.

2. Please check-in on the Socks with Sarah thread

If you haven’t already, please check-in on the thread. I will build a list of members into my first post — this will let me ear-burn you when there are special announcements throughout the year (I have been known to include a giveaway or two in my KALs) as well as just let me familiarize myself with everyone in the group. I would also like to do round-ups now & then, so this will make it easy to get in touch (ps-it may take me a few days to get it all set up, so don’t panic if your name doesn’t show up right away!).

3. Please share work-in-progress/finished object photos on the Socks with Sarah thread in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry group

When possible & when you have the time, please include a magic link to the pattern and your own project. I know sometimes a quick photo is all you’ll be able to share and that’s totally fine. When you have a few moments though, please add links as I’m sure friends will be interested. Oh, and if you are working on other projects throughout the year, don’t forget to share on the ‘Today on *your* needles…‘ thread in the group — I’d love to see those projects, too!

And a couple good questions:

Can I start early?

Absolutely! I set dates because I think it’s important to provide guidelines, but I totally don’t mind if you want to cast-on this second. Officially we will start January 15th, 2014 and end on January 14, 2015, but if you want to get rolling now & start knitting & sharing that is totally cool with me. I am not one to curb motivation — when you’ve got it, go with it!

Will we all be knitting the same patterns so we can support each other?

As I said in the first post, when I am knitting new patterns I will provide optional timelines as well as tutorials when it is ok with the designer. Any patterns I’ve personally worked on I will do my best to help you with in whatever way I can. I can’t take the place of a hands-on teacher, but I can certainly help troubleshoot & offer advice.

Why hasn’t Sarah responded to me yet?

This hasn’t come up yet, but I want to put it out there. I very much want to respond to each & every comment and question and I will do my best to do so in a timely manner. Please know I am a mom of two youngsters & there are days when we are out hiking and canoeing or sledding & building snowmen. I promise I’ll get to your questions & comments as soon as I can. Most times you will hear back from me within a day or two. If you don’t hear from me in a week, however, please feel free to give me a gentle reminder.

What if I miss some days… or a month…?

Well, I’ll forgive you. Seriously, the goal of this KAL is to knit socks everyday. The spirit though is to make room for sock knitting in our everyday lives. And everyday life is notoriously unpredictable. Let’s all just do our best and support each other along the way, OK?

I didn’t hear about the Socks with Sarah KAL until after it began. Can I still join!

Absolutely. Check-in on the Socks with Sarah Ravelry thread & start knitting & sharing!

I think that’s all the news for now — Please remember to check-in over on the thread so I can add you to the ear-burn list!

And thanks again for all the sharing, support, and enthusiasm! I can’t wait to get knitting!sunvalley

22 thoughts on “Socks with Sarah KAL Housekeeping

  1. 🙂 So, I checked my stash for sock yarn. It seems I underestimated how much I had (only enough for about three pairs of socks) so I hopped on over to WEBS and picked up a few skeins of madeleinetosh, which I have been wanting to try. I think I am good for maybe 6 pairs now. I had better not wait to start….

      1. lol I hear you – I have probably 4-5 sweaters worth of yarn, plus many one skein wonders that are just pretty. How many scarves and cowls do I need?

      2. Many. You need many. I actually justified buying a skein of black yarn to make myself a hat this winter just so that I could have a neutral hat to match all my scarves & cowls. At some point, I need to stop acquiring for a little while… or I need to start knitting a lot faster…. or stop sleeping…

      3. lol I have so many hats! But, I don’t have a black one. 🙂 I have just started making myself cowls and scarves for inside wear. Work has been so cold lately that cowls and fingerless mitts are derigeur, and I haven’t got any where near enough of those. So inbetween socks, that is what I will be making. Perhaps I will make mitts to match my socks… 🙂

      1. Agreed! Since I’m leading I have to have a little self-restraint — lol! I also have a lot of writing & planning & photographing & possibly video-making to do before the 15th! Oh, and I have a scarf/cowl to finish. Never a boring moment!

      2. Ooh I had to share with you. I just had a sneaky peek at the pattern and noticed that could knit thicker socks in Rowan felted tweed!! I have 3 balls of it in a yummy tweedy sky blue. Brilliant. 😄

      3. Yep! You will *LOVE* how fast the sport/DK weight knit up. I can make a pair in like 2days if I put my mind to it! And felted tweed will be so nice & warm — love that yarn!

  2. This should be a great help to newcomers! i’m bookmarking and will share in future posts of my own. I have been excited to see all the great response to your brand new Kal too!!! Isn’t it awesome?!

  3. Hi Sarah, I’ve sorted through my stash and library and found plenty of sock yarn and patterns so I’m good to go. I’ll hop onto Ravelry over the weekend and find you there. This will be fun.

    1. Wonderful! I haven’t quite made it to the depths of my stash, but I went through the easiest accessible skeins. Look for a yarn post tomorrow where I have a few things photographed. 😉

  4. I spent most of yesterday morning (yes, really) going through my stash. Admiring takes time! I found I have 9 sock yarns … Only have to choose which to start with now. Also tried on all my socks and found the fit I liked best (the basic sock pattern from Knitting Circles Around Socks by Antje Gillingham). For many months I have been knitting with gritted teeth on one of my less good ideas … Socks knitted in beautiful lace weight with minute needles. The colourway of the yarn makes it difficult to see except in very bright light. This morning at 6 a.m. I set out to turn the heel, then had a revelation. Knitting this was no fun! So I unpicked it, put the wool back into my stache, and felt mightily relieved. I’m still smiling.

    1. Sometimes you just have to admit when something isn’t working. 🙂 I sort through my projects 2 or 3 times a year and do just that! I have that book on its way from the library — I’ve looked at it in the past, but I’m looking forward to seeing it again. Can’t wait to see what yarn you pick!

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